Editor’s pickRebilda® Post GT – Clustered Glass Fibre-Reinforced Composite Root Post

Rebilda Post GT is a radiopaque, translucent, glass fibre-reinforced composite root post that exhibits dentin-like elasticity and ensures a considerably stronger bond to the core build-up than is achieved by conventional root posts. Unlike other post systems, Rebilda Post GT consists of a cluster of fine individual posts that are initially held together by a sleeve and thus can be inserted into …

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AEEDC Dubai 2017

Henry Schein Completes Acquisition Of A Majority Interest In Dental Cremer

MELVILLE, N.Y.,Jan. 17, 2017/PRNewswire/ -- Henry Schein, Inc.(Nasdaq: HSIC), the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners, today announced it has completed the acquisition of a majority ownership interest in Dental Cremer S.A., a distributor of dental …

Cention N: A New Alternative to Amalgam

Innovative filling material for the complete and permanent replacement of tooth structure in posterior teeth For years, glass ionomers and amalgams have been used successfully within their …



W&H Implantmed

See the new Implantmed and experience its new advantages

PIEZO-LIFT Technique by Mectron

The new Piezo-Lift technique by Mectron facilitate sinus lift by crestal approach. New clinical protocol according to Prof. Tomaso Vercellotti for the maximum surgical safety and precision during crestal sinus procedure. Reduce the risk of membrane perforation. Safe detachment of the membrane and fewer post-operative complications for the patient.

Dentsply Sirona

CEO Jeffrey T. Slovin describes his vision for Dentsply Sirona, how the company will continue to drive advancements in global dental health and deliver better, safer and faster dentistry. 

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SMACO - an EMS Company

Now with new website


The EMS company SMACO, which is known to produce prophylaxis products such as ultrasonic scalers, Curing Lights and Capsule Mixers, designed in Switzerland, has recently launched its new online presence.

The website has been entirely redesigned from the ground up. It supports all the regular functions such as history, product information and details and also features such as a dealer search function (Where to buy).

SMACO has taken this opportunity and launched 2 Promo videos for this occasion. It is linked here and can be found also on the SMACO YouTube channel and their Facebook page www.facebook.com/smacodental<http://www.facebook.com/smacodental>