Dental Asia Jan/Feb 2018

21 DENTAL ASIA JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2018 T he pains caused by the common back degeneration, which is the result from traditional ergonomics, are the constant nuisance in dental work. Avoiding this threat is relatively easy with the new better posture that can be achieved by sitting on a divided swaying saddle chair, using looser clothes, and positioning oneself closer to the patient. This concept includes also numerous other advantages. The leading Finnish ergonomics company has developed the solution for the dental ergonomics and health problems, and is spreading it around the world. Why are lower back degeneration and pains so common? Normal 90/90 sitting (90 degree angles in hips and knees) is actually C/90 sitting with the rounded back. Thus the facets are open and not carrying their part, and the pressure on the discs is 30% bigger. The increased one-sided disc pressure is the main reason for disc prolapse (Fig. 1). Fig. 1: Poor posture opens the facets and the discs starts to degenerate and prolapses may appear. Fig. 4: Balanced sitting in the natural posture without pains or health problems. DENTAL MANAGEMENT