Dental Asia Jan/Feb 2018

80 DENTAL ASIA JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2018 GIVING BACK TO SOCIETY F or 47 years, the Chulalongkorn foundation (based in Bangkok) organises monthly events in remote areas. The biggest event takes place once per year: A four-day roadshow with around 150 dentists helping 5,000 patients. Dentsply Sirona is happy to contribute to those in need as well: As the Chulalongkorn (public University in Thailand) foundation organises its annual four-day roadshow, Dentsply Sirona joins to provide and assist in giving Endodontic and Prosthodontic treatment to the communities whom has limited to no access to dental treatment. This year the community service takes place in four di ơ erent locations in North – Eastern Thailand: Kantharalak, Khukhan, Rasi Salai, Uthumphon Phisai. Community service for more than 40 years The foundation organises this roadshow formore than 40 years: The foundation owns multiple trucks, more than 100 moveable dental chairs and all items that are needed to provide dental treatment of all kinds. In order to Ƥt as many patients possible, most of the locations are either schools or public areas. Basic to top of the art dental treatment Volunteers help to set up the different treatment lines: Waiting area, Examination, Xray, Filling, Scaling, Extraction, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Endodontic treatment, Prosthodontic treatment (posterior and anterior), Cleaning and Sterilisation, and a Pharmacy. Dentsply Sirona supports this initiative by providing and assisting in giving Endodontic and Prosthodontic treatment, this involves product donations (X-smartTM Plus, files, CEREC, CeltraDuo) aswell as assistance during the treatment and Ƥnalising the crown. ‘The general population has very limited access to fixed restorations. Most of the cases that are too complicated, will only be extracted – with offering permanent restorations, we have a great chance to keep those teeth!’ says Prof. Pavinee Padipatvuthikul Didron (SWU). Dentsply Sirona is proud to have the chance to contribute and bring dental care to those in need, Julien Didron (CountryManager Thailand) summarises this initiative as follows : ‘Not only dowe have a mission to follow, we must conduct ourselves in a responsible manner. Joining this e ơ ort has had much impact on our team, the community and professors from Thai Universities.’. DA A complete CEREC support. Donations instead of presents: this year, VOCO decided to make a donation to UNICEF instead of sending individual gifts. Elke Schmidt (a volunteer worker at UNICEF, centre) was delighted by the involvement shown by Ines Plaumann-Sauerbier (left) and Olaf Sauerbier (VOCO Management). Dentalists donate €20,000 to child welfare organisation A bottle of wine here, a luxury ballpoint pen there – Christmas is the time for gift-giving, both privately and as ameans of expressing thanks to customers and business partners. This year, VOCO has decided to promote sustainability and donate €20,000 to the child welfare organisation UNICEF instead of sending material gifts. The decision to participate in the “Donations instead of presents” campaignwasmade for a good reason. “We are involved with a range of charitable causes all year around. Going without presents at Christmas and making a contribution to the well-being of children in desperate need instead is the perfect expression of our understanding of care. Furthermore, we are convinced that our customers and business partners will also be happy to support this perspective,” explained Ines Plaumann-Sauerbier and Olaf Sauerbier (VOCO Management). Elke Schmidt (Stade), a voluntary worker at UNICEF, accepted the generous donation intended for the “Children in Crisis Regions” project on behalf of the aid organisation. “Among other things, we ensure children have warm clothing, blankets, heating fuels, clean drinking water and medicine as well as trying to ensure safe accommodation i s ava i l ab l e , ” sa i d Elke Schmidt. She wa s d e l i gh t e d b y VOCO’s involvement. “For many people, a Christmas present is a nice gesture, but by no means essential to their survival. This donation, however, will offer children in the direst of need the possibility of a better future.” DA