Dental Asia Jan/Feb 2019

L eft-handedness is less common, ma k i n g u p o n l y a sma l l percentage of the population. It is no surprise that their needs are often overlooked in the design of everyday tools, objects and equipment. The owner of Bayshore Dental, Dr. Gauri Mona Patel works with Dr. Aaron Seubert who happens to be left- handed while she is right-handed. Left-handed dental practitioners are often faced with the uncomfortable task of working with equipment designed for right-handers. Fortunately, Dentsply Sirona’s IntegoProAmbidextrous treatment centre enables an ergonomic workflow for both right-handed and left-handed practitioners. In this article, Drs. Patel and Seubert write about the addition of the Intego Pro Ambidextrous to their dental practice and the added flexibility that the new treatment centre has given them as well as its benefits to both the work environment and to the patients. Intego Pro Ambidextrous: Adding Flexibility and Comfort to the Practice Fig. 1: Swivel from right-handed to left-handed treatment takes only 15 seconds and can easily be carried out between patients. Fig. 2: A pedal on the water unit sets the conversion in motion, positioning the patient chair correctly and rotating the water unit around the chair. Fig. 3: Dr. Gauri Mona Patel, owner of Bayshore Dental. Fig. 4: Dr. Aaron Seubert, associate dentist at Bayshore Dental. To provide an example of how the treatment centre enables a smooth workflow, Dr. Patel, who is a right-handed provider, and Dr. Seubert worked in coordination on a veneer case. As a left- handed provider, Dr. Seubert can offer Dr. Patel has owned Bayshore Dental for the past five years and has been in practice for a total of eleven years. Her team works across all aspects of general dentistry including adult orthodontics, implants, and cosmetics. Bayshore Dental’s mission is to provide high quality dental care, in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, to promote the health of their patients. Dr. Seubert joined the Bayshore Dental practice a year ago as an associate dentist. Since he is left-handed, it was an opportune moment to look into adding a treatment centre that would better suit him by making his work more comfortable and efficient. The need for adaptability It was important to provide Dr. Seubert an adequate working environment, which led the practice to invest in the I n t e go P r o Amb i d e x t r ou s f r om Dentsply Sirona. The Bayshore Dental practice opted for a swivel treatment centre rather than a strictly left-handed treatment centre, creating more flexibility and adaptability for the practice. If needed, both a left-handed and/or right- handed operator can provide treatment from this unit which is essential in keeping a smooth workflow. DENTAL ASIA JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2019 26