Dental Asia Jan/Feb 2019

a different perspective to patients. A large amount of his work is cosmetically focused as a left-hander allows him to make aesthetic observations that a right- handed provider might not see readily. This cosmetic case achieved a higher level of refinement than what either one could have accomplished individually due to the fact that they were both able to operate out of their common working positions for the duration of the case. As a practice owner and more importantly a clinician, Dr. Patel is always seeking ways to improve the working environment for her team members and fellow doctors and at the same time provide a better patient experience. “I’m thrilled that the Intego Pro Ambidextrous enabled us to do exactly those things,” said Dr. Patel. First impressions of the new treatment centre Drs. Patel and Seubert were immediately impressed with the design of the treatment centre and found it user friendly. The treatment centre gives them the tools needed as providers to perform a high standard of care for their patients. As a result, patients can see that the practice invests in their office and cares about all of the details of patient’s experience. For Bayshore Dental’s patients, there is an immediate ‘wow’ factor when they are seated in the chair. The sleek design and non-intimidating appearance of the treatment centre reduces the patients’ anxiety levels, which in turn aids in facilitating the best care the practice can provide. For the doctors, hygienists, and assistants, having everything at their fingertips is a clinical asset and the treatment centres provide high ergonomic value which encourages mobility. Patients have been very pleased with the comfort of the treatment centre and Bayshore Dental has received a lot of positive feedback. The practice has five other operatories with fixed right-handed treatment centres. Normally, their Intego Pro Ambidextrous is kept in its left-handed configuration for Dr. Seubert to use. However, they have tested the conversion and it can be done in seconds. All of the teammembers are cross-trained to perform their responsibilities on both types of treatment centres and can convert the treatment centre in between appointments. The backrest of the chair automatically moves into the correct position before the operating light, monitor, and dental element are repositioned. During the quick process, no screws need to be loosened or re-secured. The practice does not have to keep patients waiting unnecessarily as the room is being prepared. The precise pivot guide is extremely ergonomic for the practice team and minimises the risk of damage to hoses or collision with other components. This is ensured particularly by the water unit, which moves in parallel and remains in the correct position. The Intego Pro Ambidextrous integrates many important t e chno l og i e s mak i ng t he treatment centre the ‘hub’ of the digital practice and the foundation from which all treatment is directed. The more integration possibilities in digital workflow, the more efficient the practice can be. This is also very important for processes like documenting infection prevention protocols, making practitioners more accountable. Ultimately, efficiency has a direct correlation with the bottom line of any business and the integration of a more digital workflow creates an environment that allows the team to work at their optimal levels. DA Fig. 5: Dr. Seubert using the left-handed working position with a right-handed team carried out between patients. Fig. 6: Dr. Seubert working from a comfortable position. According to Dr. Seubert, he prefers to use the ambidextrous unit as it is normally left set up for him. He only provides treatment on one of their non-ambidextrous units when he has an emergency case and needs the earliest available operatory. Sealants and minor occlusal restorations can also be performed in these centres but require maneuvering the hoses underneath the patient’s chair so the handpiece can be accessed by the provider and suction by the assistant. As a new provider, Dr. Seubert works on a rigorous schedule with taxing hours. However, he has not experienced any serious soreness or discomfort in relation to his work. The various positions a patient can be placed, along with the numerous headrest adjustments simplify access. As a result, Dr. Seubert’s position or posture does not need to be compromised and minimises stress on his musculoskeletal system. Specifically, his shoulders and lower back discomfort has decreased thanks to the improved ergonomic function of the Intego Pro Ambidextrous. Up Close & Personal JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2019 DENTAL ASIA 27