Dental Asia Jan/Feb 2019

Dental Profile DENTAL ASIA JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2019 28 Interviewed by Ms. Jamie Tan D entsply Sirona has been driving CAD/CAM innovation with CEREC for over 30 years, pioneering digital solutions that have changed dentistry for the better. Think about digital impressions, seamless digital workflows and solutions that make exchanging data and information between the practice and dental lab both easier and faster for clinicians and technicians. Dentsply Sirona’s CAD/CAM solutions will continue to change what is possible within digital dentistry in order to provide better, safer and faster care to patients. With the help of Dr. Alexander Völcker, Dentsply Sirona’s Group Vice President Digital, Dental Asia was able to have a closer look at the latest CAD/CAM advances and developments, better understand what sets CEREC apart from other CAD/CAM systems as well as learn more about digital impressions and the company’s future plans for the CAD/CAM SBU for the upcoming year. Digitally shaping dental technology CAD/CAM technology has been a core aspect of dentistry and dental technology for more than 30 years now. Dentsply Sirona has shaped this development through CEREC, which enables dentists to produce restorations directly in their clinic. Digital technology and in particular CAD/CAM make dental procedures reproducible and therefore easier, safer and faster. Thus, taking digital impression with the CEREC Omnicam opens up a variety of treatment options – in restorative dentistry, implantology and orthodontics. However, what makes CEREC such a unique offering in dentistry is its integration – from diagnosis with 3D imaging systems, treatment planning by using sophisticated software, implementation of the treatment with innovative instruments and materials up to the final treatment with a restoration. According toDr. Völcker, “Dentsply Sirona’s concept is special because of the truly seamless interaction between hardware and software. Users don’t have to think about interfaces, compatibility or material specifications anymore – all the relevant parameters are stored in the system. We offer a workflow that minimises or even rules out surprises in order to have everything perform like clockwork for them.” One step further into digital Digital impressions go by one name: SironaConnect by Dentsply Sirona. It is one of themost innovative and reliable solutions for dentists anddental technicianswhowish to further integrate digital technology into their practice. The Sirona Connect software and the Sirona Connect portal (interface) simplify the cooperation between dental practice and laboratory. Once registered, both sides communicate directly through the portal. The model data is transferred within a few minutes and gives the laboratory an exact picture of the case. The direct transmission of model data to the laboratory allows the dental technician to view the case almost simultaneously with the practice. Thus, a first consultation with the laboratory can be done while the patient is in the treatment room – an advantage over conventional impression methods. Dr. Völcker explained, “Sirona Connect has always stood for comfortable, quick and secure transfer of scan data to the dental laboratory. Users only require the CEREC Omnicam for the intraoral scan. Sirona Connect is increasingly used in practices and laboratories for transferring the impression data to the dental laboratory, allowing dentists to take impressions quickly and comfortably – ensuring faster overall treatment.” Sirona Connect benefits the dental laboratory with direct connection to the practice. It clearly saves the practice and laboratory valuable time by enabling the immediate exchange of information during the patient’s visit, Dr. Völcker added. Integrating Digital Technology into Modern Dentistry - Dr. Alexander Völcker, Dentsply Sirona, Group Vice President Digital