Dental Asia Jan/Feb 2019

In Depth With DENTAL ASIA JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2019 64 F ounded in1965, SINOLDental Limited was one of the first professional dental instrument manufacturing companies to be set up in China. For more than 50 years, the companyhasbeendevoted to researchand development, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of dental equipment. The company’s many remarkable medical and oral achievements in the field are a testament to its credibility and it is no wonder SINOL has become a famous brand and continues to enjoy good reputation in the industry. As early as 2000, SINOL passed t h e r i g i d qu a l i f i c a t i o n f o r t h e ISO 9001 certification. In 2003, it attained TUV’s CE certification. Four years later, SINOL was rated as “ C h i n a ’ s Famo u s B r a n d . ” N o t l ong a f t e r, S INOL ach i eved t he American FDA certification. Finally in 2012, SINOL was recognised as “China’s Famous Trademark” by the State Administration in the industry. Aside from their prominent products such as dental units and handpieces, the company also offers cleaning and sterilising systems, dental teaching simulators, technician systems, clinical instrument systems, dental imaging systems, integrated service systems as well as dental implant materials. Re cogn i s i ng t he impo r t anc e of innovation, SINOL invests in research and importing of technology. In line with this, the company has set up a provincial research and technical centre as well as the Shaanxi dental instrument engineering technology centre. More than 50 researchers, who have leading positions in research ability and manufacturing process, are currently working for SINOL. To date, they have more than 50 patented technology inventions, appearances and utility models. This is how SINOL is able to maintain its position as China’s leading dental instrument manufacturer over the years. In the domestic market, the company boasts a strong network comprising 30 core marketing and after sales agencies that cover around one hundred distributors. This wide and complex network allows for the company to provide its customers with efficient and quick service responses. SINOL also has an expansive overseas network, having exported their products to more than 60 countries including Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, Germany, Japan, Argentina and more. Today, SINOL is a market leader in China’s dental and medical equipment industry, and well on its way to becoming a world famous dental medical equipment manufacturer and integrated system service provider. DA Providing High Technology and Professional Service for a Better Life