Dental Asia Jan/Feb 2019

DENTAL ASIA JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2019 66 Product Highlight More Durable and Cost-Effective Ceramill PMMA Products Amann Girrbach With its relaunch, Amann Girrbach structures its Ceramill PMMA material range more accurately and increases the maximum wearing time to three years. At the same time, laboratories will benefit from the lower costs. The innovations in the portfolio include materials for temporary crowns and bridges, splints as well as casting and pressing. C e r am i l l A - Temp ML r e p l a c e s Ceramill Temp ML as a material for long- term temporary restorations and will in future, be available as a monochrome as well as a multilayer blank in the most common A-D shades, according to the VITA shade guide. Due to the unique shade synchronisation with the materials of the Zolid zirconium oxide portfolio, A-Temp forms the perfect basis for the fabrication of highly aesthetic crowns and bridges. In addition, the material will also be available in block form, opening up new possibilities for intelligent stock-keeping with both AG and universal mandrel. U n d e r t h e n a m e A - S p l i n t , Amann Girrbach introduces new PMMA blanks for the fabrication of CAD/CAM-manufactured splints with up to three years’ retention time in the patient’s mouth, replacing the Ceramill Splintec Standard product. In the area of casting and pressing, A-Cast succeeds the previous Ceramill PMMA blanks. The long-established products Ceramill Temp and Ceramill Splintec from Merz Dental will continue to be part of the portfolio. In addition to longer wearing time and lower costs, there is yet another advantage: Amann Girrbach introduces standardised sizes and new intermediate sizes in the course of the relaunch. Thus, all blanks are available in heights of 14, 16 and 20 mm (A-Cast only 14 and 20 mm). As a result, the right blanks can be found for every size of restoration. ■ Directa Everything Needed for a Successful Extraction The ability to reduce trauma during tooth e x t r a c t i o n h a s become extremely important, especially for patients requiring subsequent implant p l a c eme n t w i t h minimal bone lost. Mod e r n i mp l a n t techniques require real alternatives to traumatic forcep extractions. The Luxator ® instruments were invented by a Swedish dentist to make extractions as trauma free as possible. He developed subtleties in the design that only a practicing dentist would appreciate. Available in eight different blade shapes, Luxator ® Periotomes from Directa offer a safe and precise solution for successful extractions. The fine tapered blade compresses the alveolar ridge, cuts the membrane, gently eases the tooth from its socket which reduces damage to surrounding tissue, and also keeps a better anatomy for an implant site. The shape and size of the handle is designed to minimise the force needed during extraction. The thin blade easily inserts between the bone and the root with minimal damage. The Luxator ® product line also includes the Luxator ® Dual Edge Periotomes which have an innovative dual purpose tip ideal for probing deeply fractured teeth and decayed roots. On the other hand, the Luxator ® Periotome Titanium is distinguished by their gold coloured blades, coated with titanium nitride, which allows for easier access into the socket and offers enhanced durability. Also, the titanium coated tip does not require sharpening. Finally, the Luxator ® LX Mechanical Periotome sets a new standard for trauma free extraction offering improved safety, precision and access. Its self-directing tip allows the periotome tip to follow the root surface, reducing the risk of bone damage. Its reciprocating tip enables a secure cutting of the fibres in a patient friendly way. Manufactured with Swedish stainless steel, Directa instruments are extremely durable, retaining their strength and sharpness even after repeated use and sterilisation. With their acclaimed ergonomic handle Luxator ® Instruments, Directa is recognised worldwide for providing one of the best surgical instruments on the market. ■