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The CAD/CAM-based processing of NPM provides various
advantages over the traditional casting process. A quick and
clean procedure reliably produces high-quality results. Complex
workflows have become a thing of the past, as have porosities
and voids, distortion, impurities or other problems associatedwith
the casting process. With the new inCoris CCB NPM blank, an even
greater number of cases can benefit from these advantages. After
all, in combination with the inLab MC X5 5-axis milling unit, it is
suitable for smaller objects as well as large-span bridges, as the two
cases described here have shown. Thus, the laboratory can resort
to this simple and economic process in almost all situations where
economic aspects play a significant role for patients. Moreover,
the profits generated by the CAD/CAM-based process accrue to
the laboratory itself.
Fig. 29 Fig. 30
Fig. 31
Fig. 32
The milling job executed by the inLab MC X5 took 64 minutes to
complete (Figures 31 and 32). The bridge framework could then be
removed from themilling unit (Figures 33 to 35) and separated after
overnight drying (Figures 36 and 37).
The final dimensions of the bridge framework were once again
obtained by sintering in the inFire HTC speed (Figures 38 to 40).
Due to the large dimensions of the framework, sintering was
performed with the aid of a sintering connector – a procedure
generally recommended for 6-unit and larger frameworks. The
sintered framework was then veneered and finished. An example
of a suitable veneeringmaterial is DuceramKiss by Dentsply Sirona.
About the Author
Mr. Jens Richter
attained the
Certified Dental Technician (CDT)
designation in 1989. Since 1994,
Mr. Richter has been working as a
dental technician in Rochlitz (Saxony,
Germany), with focus in the area of
CAD/CAM and implantology. From
2004 onwards, he has been a user of CAD/CAM, helping
Dentsply Sirona and VITA Zahnfabrik as a tester. Mr. Richter
is also a CAD/CAM trainer (workshops) and speaker at various
events, being a Certified European Trainer for Dentsply Sirona
and Certified Trainer for VITA Zahnfabrik. Visit
for more information.
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