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using super sealed trays and
technique to ensure dry teeth
before the trays are placed. This
consisted of two weeks of day
time whitening – two 30 minute
sessions a day while the IAwas out.
By week 10, the alignment was
virtually complete – post alignment
and whitening – and the patient very
The patient was delighted with the end
results as the treatment had effectively
made her own teeth look better without
removing any real tooth structure. The
treatment also cost her far less financially
and biologically, but still achieved a result
she was more than happy with.
the patients are aware of. Orthodontics is
not a binary solution; there are millions
of potential outcomes that vary with
time, teeth moved, and distance moved.
Patients who chose veneers because they
assume orthodontics will take a year or
so must be aware that anterior tooth
alignment can actually be far quicker than
they might think. In this patient’s case, if
she had expected the orthodontics to take
one year, she would have chosen veneer
preparations. By having a limited goal, we
were able to completely eliminate any tooth
preparations altogether.
For further enquiries, email Dr. Tif Qureshi,
Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Update 2011; 38: 586–592 -Tif Qureshi
Who needs Veneers? Re-thinking the
Order of Smile Design planning Journal of
Cosmetic Dentistry USA- Spring 2011, Vol 27.
Number 1, pg 86-94 Tif Qureshi
Fig. 14: Full face before.
Fig. 16: Close retracted view before.
Fig. 17: Close view after ABB.
Fig. 18: Super Slim Inman Aligner.
Fig. 15: Full face after.
quickly decided against
ceramics because she
could see her teeth in a
completely different light.
Without this opportunity,
she would have had
chosen to have ceramics
After another two weeks,
direct bondingwas placed
on the upper lateral incisal
edges to restore the
original shape and a little
on the palatal of the upper
cuspids for better rise.
The composite used was
Venus Diamond (Hereaus
Kulzer). Two shades were
used – Opaque light and
B1 enamel. The composite
is laid in a reverse triangle
technique, which blocks
out the light transmission
o n t h e j o i n s o n o
preparation is needed. Each
restoration was polished with Flexibuff
discs and Enamelise paste by Cosmodent.
Thepatient returned for secondarypolishing
after twoweeks and had an indirect retainer
fitted. The patient then continued with the
Essix retainer worn at night and made to
fit over the retainer wire and new bonding.
About the Author
Dr. Tif Qureshi
qualified for King’s
College London in
1992. He is the Past
President of the
British Academy of
Cosmetic Dentistry.
Dr. Tif has a special interest in
simple orthodontics using removable
appliances and was the first dentist
in the UK to pioneer the Inman
Aligner and use it as a major tool in
cosmetic dentistry. Tif also pioneered
the concept of Progressive Smile
Design through Alignment Bleaching,
Bonding and is also highly experienced
teacher in the Dahl concept to assist
in minimally invasive dentistry. Tif now
lectures nationally and internationally
and has had many articles published
on all these subjects.
What could have
been a complex
ce r ami c c a s e
t h a t m i g h t
have only been
affordable by a
tiny percentage
of patients and
carried out by
a minority of
dentists, instead
turned into a
bleaching and
edge bonding
case that would
b e f a r mo r e
affordable for
m a n y m o r e
pa t i en t s and
achievable by
m a n y m o r e
dentists. The
tools required are
already widely available in the market,
with various forms of tooth alignment
for different cases, effective whitening
preparations and ideal easy to use, bonding
In light of the current debate on tooth
preparation, onemust always considerwhat
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