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t has been about a year since Structo, a Singapore-based
dental 3D printing solutions provider, expanded its range of
application-specific 3D printers with the launch of the Structo
OrthoForm. The OrthoForm is Structo’s primary product that
is mostly used to produce vacuum forming models and ortho
models. Able to achieve speeds superior to existing 3D printers
in the industry, the OrthoForm was well received by the industry
during its debut and continues to be in high demand today.
Continued success of the OrthoForm
The success of Structo OrthoForm is global; the printer has already
seen its install base in four continents around the world. The
company’s biggest customer, Glidewell Dental, industry-leading
provider of high-quality dental lab products and services to dental
professionals, currently runs three OrthoForms thanks to its ability
to deliver speed, accuracy and reproducible results. For example,
with just one printer, the dental lab can achieve a
throughput of 180 arches a day – higher than other
3D printers in the same price category.
“At Glidewell Dental, we run a high-volume
facility with round-the-clock production
of various models and appliances.
When looking for a 3D printer, I need
something that not only prints accurately
with reproducible results throughout the
print platform but is also able to
deliver the speed and throughput
we require,” commented Mr. David
Leeson, Director of Engineering at
Glidewell Dental, on the Structo
Structo recently extended its close partnership with Glidewell
Dental by appointing the company as its launch customer for its
newest printer, theDentaForm. As DentaForm’s beta user, Glidewell
Dental is helping to provide Structo with valuable feedback before
the printer is made available for the mass market.
Momentous year for Structo
In addition to OrthoForm’s continued success, Structo has also
marked many milestones this year. For one, Structo made its first
exhibition appearance at the International Dental Show (IDS) held
in March. The team has also since appointed distributors covering
Australia, Korea, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Netherlands and
Belgium, as well as set up an office in the US to better support its
customers located in the region.
Through its current range of 3D printers, Structo believes the
adoption of digital dentistry will be accelerated. Structo’s 3D
printers, which are fast with high throughput, allow for a short
turnaround time, giving lab managers greater flexibility in how
they manage their manufacturing processes as they no longer
have to wait 4-5 hours for the completion of a single print job. To
further encourage the adoption of digital solutions, Structo recently
launched a blog on digital dentistry (
As Structo continues to demonstrate strong growth, the dental
solutions provider will carry on with its applications-specific
approach to product development, which is what sets it apart
from other manufacturers. For example, the OrthoForm is for
orthodontic and clear aligners application, while the DentaForm,
which is currently in beta testing with selected customers, is for
die fitting models.
Structo Continues Shaking Up
the World of Dentistry with OrthoForm
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