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CAD/CAM & Digital
Dentistry International
Conference in Singapore
(Booths No. 21 and 22), VITA
Zahnfabrik will present new
as well as efficient and smooth workflows.
of chairside applications and particular
needs of dentists. Thanks to its intuitive
user interface, crystallisation and glaze can
be realisedwithout any special background
knowledge. The intuitive “touch & fire”
application enables you to choose your material
and navigate through the menu easily.
Quick assistance for shade corrections
CTE independent stains that can provide a
change of shade saturation across the full
ceramic range. This applies to all ceramic
veneering systems: VITA VM, VITA VMK
Master as well as VITA TITANKERAMIK.
Cutting Edge
Dental Solutions by
VITA Zahnfabrik
Enabling high-end esthetics
VITA ENAMIC has established itself as a
solution for functional restorations since
2013. Fromnowon, the reliablematerial will
attract attentionwith its integrated natural
shade gradient in six finely-nuanced layers
from cervical to incisal area. The result:
VITA ENAMICmultiColor. The dual network
structure enables esthetic single tooth
restorations in the anterior and posterior
region. The resilient material can be milled
or ground and manufactured without any
firing. All clinical advantages remain: A
porous pre-sintered fine structure feldspar
ceramic block (86% by weight) is infiltrated
with a polymer (14% by weight). Its thin
wall thickness allows for both minimally
invasive and non-invasive rehabilitation.
Chewing forces are absorbed by a dentin-
like flexibility while the polymer network
interface provides a crack stop function. In
this way, long-lasting restorative success
rates are guaranteed.
Compact furnace, large effect
VITA’s space-saving furnace for dentists
in their everyday practice will allow
for more efficient ceramic chairside
rehabilitations. The miniature vacuum
furnacewas optimised for the requirements
After the try-in and grinding, CAD/CAM-
fabricated feldspar and glass ceramics
can be finalised autonomously. Stressful
polishing at the chair can be skipped while
the quality of the surface is optimised.
More economic treatment procedures are
possible and patients will need less waiting
Makingmaterial-specific bonding easy
Different indirect restoration materials
require various bonding strategies. More
often than not, overstuffed drawers and
fridges are the consequence. Keep your
practice in order and ensure reliable bond
strength with the bonding system VITA
system is specifically matched with all
VITA materials and provides at a glance
the complete range of provisional, self-
adhesive and full-adhesive bonding. One
of its highlights is that the systematic
segmentation of the tray into “practitioner”
and “assistant” gives you a constant
overview, even in stressful situations. Its
compact design makes the VITA ADIVA set
a perfect space-saving companion, always
within reach. Needless to say, VITA ADIVA
is also suitable for restoration materials of
other manufacturers.
Now, even monolithic or veneered
treatments based on CAD/CAM, such as
VITABLOCS, zirconia VITA YZ (T and HT)
and VITA SUPRINITY PC zirconia-reinforced
glass ceramics can be modified quickly and
efficiently to guarantee harmonious shade
integration of the final restoration.
If theshadeof a restoration fails toharmonise
with the existing teeth during fitting or
can be used as a rapid remedy; there is
no need to remake the restoration. It is
sufficient to carry out a stain fixation firing
or stain/glaze firing in order to give the
restoration more chroma and achieve a
perfect shade match.
Fig. 1: With its integrated
natural color gradient in six
multiColor is
perfectly suitable for esthetic single
tooth restorations in the anterior andposterior region.
Fig. 2: Coming with an intuitive user interface
and in small size, the VITA SMART.FIRE
allows very efficient ceramic chairside
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