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Ceramic Cutters for Acrylics and Green Compacts of Zirconium Oxide
Euronda Presents New Line of Sterile Disposable Products for Surgery
Manufacturer of precision rotary
instruments for dentists and dental
technicians, Busch has launched a new
generation of cutters made of white
ceramic that captivates through the typical
and advantageous properties of this
high-performance ceramic. The series
comprises nine different ceramic cutters
in the well-established cut designs “X”
and “GQSR”.
The five ceramic cutters with a medium
double cut are made for the working out /
shape milling of all common dental acrylics
ranging from denture bases and individual
trays through to Orthodontics. The four
coarse GQSR-power-cut ceramic cutters
are best suited for working on soft and
non-hardening acrylics, such as deep-drawn
mouthguard traysor non-hardening relinings
for example. Smoothmaterial surfaces and
a pleasant thermal behaviour are the unique
advantages of these cutters.
Both cuts can be used to work on
green compacts of zirconium oxide,
from separating to cleaning the
attachment points through to the
removal of green compacts from the
blank. The figure K433GQSR 023made
of full ceramicwith its slim, long shape
is especially suitable for this work.
Ceramic cutters are not suitable for
application on metals. For unique
identification, the shank labelling of all
cutters includes the BUSCH logo and
the reference number.
K424GQSR 060 and K429X 040
Euronda, world leader in the production
of disposable products for dental clinics
and systems for the sterilisation process,
presents Alle, a new line of disposable
products that has been specially designed
to create an uncontaminated sterile field for
dental surgery, thus preventing the risk of
infections. Alle features a comprehensive
selection of products to enable dental
practices to meet the protection criteria
required in operating rooms.
Euronda has also newly launched its Sterile
Set, a comprehensive line of disposable
sterile sets to prepare surgical fields and
protect dentists, assistants and patients.
They are designed to offer an optimum
response to the needs of all surgery
procedures in dental practices. The
contents of the sets depend on the type of
procedure. Each one contains a number of
sterile products to meet the requirements
of different protocols. Aside from three
sets designed for the patient, doctor
and assistant, there are two sets that are
designed for implant procedures in a pack
and another two that are designed for
preparing surgical fields in another pack.
They cater to the needs of all surgical
procedures, containing gowns, surgical
caps, face masks and shoe covers that
are provided in compact packaging to
optimise your storage space, with sterility
guaranteed for five years.
For personal protection, barrier systems
such as sterile disposable drapes and gowns
are used during surgical procedures to
prevent themovement of micro-organisms
between sterile and non-sterile zones.
When they are worn properly, they help
to keep surgical fields sterile. Well-fitted,
water-repellent, soft and breathable,
they guarantee maximum comfort during
procedures. Part of the range includes
the Softesse
gown and Softesse
which are made of Softesse
fabric, the most cutting- edge material on
the market which is both exceptionally
comfortable andextremelywater-repellent.
It is specially designed for long, delicate
surgical procedures.
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