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Nobel Biocare
Predictable Quality and Fast Results with the
Implant Bridge
Renfert’s Optimised High-Performance Cleaning Unit
for Dentures and Orthodontic Appliances
The new precision-milled NobelProcera
Implant Bridge in high-translucency
multilayered zirconia represents the
latest in restorative innovation from
Nobel Biocare. With the angulated screw
channel (ASC) innovation and completely
cement-free adapters, the NobelProcera
Implant Bridge offers a fast, predictable
and cost-efficient solution for both dental
laboratory and clinic.
The ASC option, combined with the pick-up
functionalityof theuniqueOmnigrip tooling,
revolutionises screw-retained restorations.
It makes it possible to reposition the
screw access hole in cases where it would
otherwise be on the facial or incisal edge,
or when occlusal space is limited, while also
improving retrievability and reducing the
risk of residual cement.
The benefits of ASC are
possible thanks to the
associated Omnigrip
tooling – an innovation
from Nobel Biocare’s
product development
team. The unique tip of
the Omnigrip screwdriver
allows the screw to be
tightened and loosened
within the angulated channel
with easy accessibility, as well
as easy handling frommultiple
angles, even in the posterior.
The recent NobelProcera launches
do not stop there, with precision-milled
bridges in the same high-translucency
multilayered full-contour
z i r con i a a l so now
available. Following
t h e
r e c e n t
introduction of the
NobelProcera Crown in
the same material, these
products harmonize the
NobelProcera offering.
Each solution in the range
efficiently combines high-
strengthwith esthetics and
a time-saving workflow.
Thanks to the full-contour
natureandexcellent occlusal
detail, the dental technician need only apply
subtle staining, if desired, before polishing
and glazing.
The redesigned SYMPRO cleaning device
by Renfert takes powerful action against
deposits and stains, while being soft and
gentle on removable dentures. SYMPRO
helps improve denture wearers’ comfort
and oral hygienewhile increasing efficiency
in the dental practice and laboratory and
strengthening the bottom line.
With its optimised pin-impact technology
and rotating magnetic field,
t h i s c omp a c t h i g h -
performance dev i c e
automatically cleans
all removable dental
restorations, occlusal splints,
and orthodontic appliances. It is fast, reliable,
and hygienic and removes not only soft
deposits but also stubborn concrements.
This technology-based cleaning system,
which was launched at the IDS 2017 in
Cologne, is the first to offer a validated
hygienic reprocessing protocol for cups,
pins, and tweezers.
Thorough cleaning of removable dentures is
essential for denture wearers’ oral hygiene
—but for the dental practice or laboratory,
this task is mostly just a distraction and
certainly not very profitable. With the new
SYMPRO, Renfert has introduced a clever
cleaning systemwith a special pin geometry
that efficiently removes even the most
persistent deposits on dentures. This device
can be perfectly integrated into existing
prevention concepts and dental hygiene
plans, billed separately as an individual
value-added service.
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