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Dental Wings
New BEGO Semados
Trays Ensure High Hygienic Standards
Dental Wings Lasermill™ Now Certified to Work with
Mark II Materials
One of the leading dental companies in
the business of dental prosthetics and
implantology, BEGO recently launched new
plastic surgical trays that aremanufactured
in a two-component injection moulding
process. The silicone stoppers for retaining
the instruments are firmly attached to the
tray base as a result. This considerably
reduces the time needed for processing
because it is no longer necessary to
remove and replace the silicone stoppers
for cleaning.
The tray base can be cleaned
in a wire mesh basket in
the thermal disinfector
loaded with stainless steel
instruments. The primary
focus when developing the
new trays was to meet the
latest hygienic requirements
for dental practices and legal
regulations. The new BEGO
plastic trays ensure
that the quality of cleaning and sterilisation
is high and verifiable.
Instruments and equipment
aluminiumtrays canbeeasily
transferred to the new
plastic versions. At the
same time, the surgery
trays, all drill stop trays
(now with a simplified
removal technique) and the
prosthetic kit with an expanded
instrument set are being switched to the
new plastic material.
Dental Wings is pleased to announce that
Mark II are now approved
for use on the Dental Wings Lasermill
laser ablation system. Considered to
be one of the most abrasion-resistant
dental ceramics, VITABLOCS
Mark II are
monochromatic, fine-structure feldspar
ceramic blocks used to fabricate inlays,
onlays, veneers, anterior, and posterior
crowns with CAD/CAM systems. In
over 25 years, more than nine million
clinically-proven restorations have been
produced fromVITABLOCS
Mark II blocks,
boasting a clinical survival rate of 90% after
ten years.
Advantages for dental clinics
and laboratories
The blocks are true chairside material
since the restoration can be inserted
immediately after the milling process. The
high translucency of the blocks ensures the
shades integrate very well into the residual
tooth structure. Post-processes, such as
stain glaze or crystallisation firing, are not
required. The
clinical benefits
include a high
r e s i s t a n c e
to chipping;
e x c e l l e n t
a b r a s i o n
properties to
protect antagonist teeth; can be easily
polished; superior adhesive bonding thanks
to excellent etchability; no crystallisation
firing required; available in different tooth
New category of
production technology
The Dental Wings Lasermill offers
unprecedented opportunities for dental
clinics, labs and production centers to
create restorations using a wide range of
proven materials, for unsurpassed quality
and ease-of-use. Utilising millions of short,
l a s e r pu l s e s ,
t h e D e n t a l
Wings Lasermill
removes small
a m o u n t s o f
material from a
standard block
until the restoration is completed. Dental
Wings is pleased tonow includeVITABLOCS
Mark II among the list of proven materials
certified for use with the Dental Wings
Lasermill laser ablation system.
Using the touch screen, the user selects the
file corresponding to the restoration to be
made from a network directory, mounts
a block on a magnetic holder into the
machine, and initiates the fully-automatic
laser milling process.
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