Dental Asia Jul/Aug 2017 - page 79

Amann Girrbach
New Scanner Portfolio for Greater Efficiency and Flexibility in
Everyday Laboratory Routines
Shofu Launches New Generation of CADCAM Restoratives
Amann Girrbach has expanded its scanner portfolio with the
new laboratory scanners Map200+ and 400+ of the Ceramill DNA
generation that offer greater efficiency, flexibility and diversity. As
part of the realisation of colour texture scans, they supercede the
existing models Ceramill Map 200 and 400.
Both the compact entry scanner model 200+ as well as the 400+
scanner with Splitex integration offer a convincing time saving
of approximately 50% as a result of the specifically developed
DNA Speed Scanning strategies by Amann Girrbach and can, for
example, digitise a single crown, includingmatching, in 67 seconds
at present. Continuous further development will further reduce
scanning times in the future.
Colour texture scans as well as full jaw and also triple tray
impression scans add value to everyday laboratory routines in
terms of flexibility. In addition, a specially developed holder
accelerates and simplifies the scanning of triple tray impressions
considerably, in that the impression is recorded from both sides in
a single scanning process without manual intervention. Its purely
mechanical operating principle allows its use in all existing devices.
All-in-scans are also implemented extremely efficiently.
C o m p r e h e n s i v e
ma nu f a c t u r e r
of quality dental
products, Shofu
h a s l a u n c h e d
CADCAMhybrid ceramic restorative
materials created for diverse patient-
specific digital fabrications ranging
from inlays, onlays, overlays, laminate
veneers, anterior and posterior crown
as well as implant supported prostheses
and minimally invasive restorations.
Homogeneous dispersion of
novel porous micro-
ceramic fillers in
a resilient matrix
imparts superior
mechanical properties
w i t h e x c e p t i o n a l
durability and shock
resistant ability. Shofu
Disk and Block HC are designed for fast
and precise (dry or wet) milling into highly
aesthetic, durable and shock resistant
restorations that exhibit exceptional
marginal adaptation and strong bond to
na t u r a l t oo t h s t r uc t u r e .
A class above in quality,
offers the unique flexibility of
the in-office (SHOFU BLOCK
HC) and in-lab (SHOFU DISK HC) versions,
enabling dental professionals to select
exactly what they need for their practice.
Created through a rigorous manufacturing
process, it is easy to polish to a stain
resistant, naturally long-lasting lustre and
allows intra-oral adjustment to be made
to fine tune the restoration for the highest
level of patient comfort and satisfaction.
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