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he China Dental Show (CDS)
is an integrated international
exhibition of continuing
education and trade in the
dental industry, serving the
Asia-Pacific region by introducing the
latest innovations and technologies from
the world. Aimed at promoting industry
progress with innovation, CDS provides a
high-quality platform of communication,
gathering the most recent market
information, technological innovations
and cutting-edge R&D information for
manufacturers and dealers in the global
dental industry.
S t a r t i ng f r om 20 1 0 , t he Ch i ne s e
Stomatological Association (CSA) and
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions have
2017 China Dental Show
the latest progress of the industry. As the
brand influence of the CDS increases, it
has become the first choice for more and
more stomatological enterprises to launch
their products. Also, as the only event
hosted by the CSA, CDS is the best choice
for academic promotions for enterprises.
With a reserve of 140,000 stamatological
doctors and distributors in public and
private hospitals and clinics, CDS also
provides excellent business promotion
services. In addition, it is also a great
platform for domestic enterprises to
go international, with its international
promotion channels in 20 countries and
regions across the world.
been jointly hosting this global event
in September each year in Shanghai.
Over one thousand products featured at
the show cover all sectors of the dental
industry, such as equipment, machinery,
consumables, stomatological prevention
and health-care products, stomatological
education services, denturemanufacturing
devices, etc. CDS is an ideal place for global
manufacturers, dealers, distributors, dental
surgeons and denture manufacturers to
explore business opportunities. The 19
CSA Annual Meeting, held at the same time
as the CDS, is the only annual meeting held
by the CSA, inviting over 600 renowned
experts and scholars fromacross the global
to deliver lectures and discuss industrial
development with professionals fromChina
and other Asia-Pacific countries and regions.
As a one-stop platformof communications,
the CDS provides person-to-person
information exchange services for its
participants on the latest market trends,
technological innovation and cutting-edge
R&D progress. CDS provides integrated
product launch, on-site operation
demonstration and experience to showcase
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