Dental Asia Jul/Aug 2018

22 DENTAL ASIA JULY / AUGUST 2018 T he use of digital technologies is vast a growing trend in most industries and dentistry is no exception. Statistics show that more dental clinics are now working with digital x-ray systems and it’s only a matter of time before all dental impressions are taken digitally using scanners. Digitising dentistry is upon us and it is up to us to decide to take the leap or be left behind. Dental Asia shares this story of a cosmetic dentist who took the leap and believed in computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) for more than 20 years and has been paving the way for digital dentistry. Dr. Andreas Kurbad graduated from the University of Jena and Erfurt, Germany in 1983. He worked as a scientiƤc co-worker at the department of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Erfurt in the same year. In 1987, he obtained his degree of dental medicine and has been in private practice in Viersen, Germany since 1990, specialising in cosmetic dentistry and implantology. As an avid CEREC user since 1994, Dr. Kurbad is a founding member of the CEREC Masters Club. He has been actively participating in lectures and producing publications relating to restorative dentistry, adhesive technique, all-ceramics, computerised dentistry and implantology. He has facilitated numerous clinics on all-ceramics and computerised dentistry since 1996 and is a returning lecturer at the Karl-Häupl-Institut in Düsseldorf, Germany for over a decade. He has produced over 100 publications and has co-published the Quintessence book ‘CAD/CAM and All-Cermics’. He is a respected member of several editorial boards such as the International Journal of Computerised Dentistry, theGerman Quintessence Journal of Dental Technology and the International Digital Dental News Journal. Having a vision Dr. Kurbad started to explore implantology back in 1992. During this time, implantology was not that established and dentists were not sure if it was reliable. “Sometimes you need to have a vision and an idea. Implants are fascinating and I amglad I started using it early on. I couldn’t imagine modern dentistry without it. Nowadays, when someone has a missing tooth or teeth that need to be replaced, it is most commonly done with implants. It’s that simple,” he stated. Aside from implants, Dr. Kurbad is highly trained in aesthetic dentistry. His interest in cosmetic dentistry slowly developed through the years. He said that the good thing about aesthetics is that people can immediately see the results. He believes that in this Ƥeld of dentistry it is crucial to have an excellent outcome and satisƤed patients because this serves as a personal marketing tool for the dentist and the clinic. “Making a crown for the molar is di ơ erent as compared to an anterior crown. Anterior restorations or prosthesis can be seen by everyone and must be appreciated Under the Spotlight Interviewed by Ms. Jamie Tan Written by Dr. Chala R. Platon Dental Asia’s Publications Director, Ms. Jamie Tan and Dr. Andreas Kurbad.