Dental Asia Jul/Aug 2018

26 Up Close & Personal DENTAL ASIA JULY / AUGUST 2018 Interviewed by Ms. Jamie Tan Written by Dr. Chala R. Platon F DC Academy is the education division of Fondaco company. It was set up to provide a common place for continuing education to take place. It is also where event organisers come together to provide a wider range of specialised courses, workshops and services for professional success and growth, the FDC Academy was founded. The regular professional seminars under FDC Academy utilises international experts (within the company) together with international event partners and has become amust-attend event in the industry. With Singapore and Indonesia’s rapid growing economies and increasing uptake of private health insurance, employer- provided and individually funded, the prospects for new advancements into the future for the company is guaranteed. Ms. Fonda shared that Fondaco has always had a division for education for product support and to upgrade the skills of dental practitioners. As the activities of education expanded, the company was advised to form their own company. “When we started, we were working with societies and some event organisers. KEEP MOVING Commitment to education Founded in 1984 by Mr. Hendrik Fonda, Fondaco company has been steadily growing and enhancing its services for dental professionals through innovations and technology. The company has become the undisputed leading provider through constantly striving towards customer-driven services, focusing on enhancing a one-stop solution of top manufacturers (dental equipment, supplies and consumables), and service excellence in Singapore and the Indonesia region. With more than 40 years of highly skilled dedication to 24-hour service back-up, Fondaco company has earned the trust of its now extensive client base spread throughout the archipelago. Through ongoing commitment to education and training by the company for both clients and sta ơ which established its aesthetic doctors and dentists to upgrade their skills and update themselves with the latest technology in the market. FDC Academy welcomes doctors, dentists & societies to join the journey of learning and better patient care. Read on to further understand FDC Academy’s beginnings, educational portfolio and foresight in the future as our Publications Director, Jamie speaks to Ms. Jane Fonda, company executive o ƥ cer of Fondaco and controller of FDC Academy.