Dental Asia Jul/Aug 2018

35 DENTAL ASIA JULY / AUGUST 2018 Introduction Anti-aging is a branch of medicine focused on how to prevent, slow or reverse the e ơ ects of aging thus helping people to live longer and healthier lives. Recently, however, more evidence-based medicine has led to anti-aging becoming a multi-billion dollar industry with over 12 billion dollars spent in the US alone. The recent medical literature and evidenced-based medicine shows that as we age, there seems to be loss of fat volume in some areas of the face, as well as a change in the morphology of the facial skeleton. Facial soft-tissue augmentation, by injection, has become increasingly popular as aminimally invasive option for patients seeking cosmetic facial enhancement. Replacing depleted soft tissue has allowed for a more comprehensive approach to total facial rejuvenation. It has been demonstrated that orthodontic treatment, with an intra-oral orthopaedic dental appliance, (The Homeoblock ™ ) enhances facial symmetry producing soft tissue changes consistent with improved facial aesthetics. 1 This appliance can be added to the treatment protocol of facial injection to create a relatively non-invasive interdisciplinary approach to mid-face enhancement. Abstract It is the purpose of this article to demonstrate how the placement of dermal Ƥllers for the reduction of lines/wrinkles and depressions in the face, in conjunctionwith orthopaedic /orthodontic appliance therapy, can produce desirable facial soft tissue enhancement. Via a case study we can demonstrate that the volumetric changes, achieved by this combined treatment approach, can produce a desirable result, namely a more youthful appearance. Case study A healthy woman, in her mid sixties, presented for treatment with a strong desire to improve her facial appearance. Her oral hygienewas good and therewas no active periodontal disease. She exhibited headache symptoms and clinical examination showed a disc displacement, with reduction, on her right sidewith amaximum jawopening of 38mm. Her centrelinewas displaced twomillimeters to the right and lined up when she opened less than 10 millimeters, indicating that she had amandibular displacement to the same side (Fig. 1). A Homeoblock appliance, with a 5 mm bite block on the Anti-Aging Medicine and Orthodontic Appliance Therapy Treatment: An Interdisciplinary Approach By Dr. Derek Mahony and Dr. Theodore Belfor