Dental Asia Jul/Aug 2018

65 DENTAL ASIA JULY / AUGUST 2018 Product Highlight 3Shape Anthogyr France Reward Your Doctors with Unparalleled Restorations New CAD/CAM Materials from Anthogyr 3Shape, a global leader in 3D scanners and dental software solutions, releases Dental System™ 2018 – the newest version of its industry-leading CAD/CAM software for dental laboratories. 3Shape Dental System 2018 introduces new ƪexibility and functionality to make scanning, design and productionworkƪows more e ƥ cient and dependable for dental technicians. Increasedƪexibilityin3ShapeDentalSystem 2018means professionals can now combine any types of scans, as well as save and access designs during any step in the workƪow. This makes the design of cases, especially complicated indications, simpler, more e ƥ cient and more predictable. 3Shape has worked extensively with consulting dental technicians to strengthen the latest version of its dental laboratory CAD/CAM software. Feedback and best practices from CDTs have helped to significantly increase reliability and performance in the solution. “Dental System 2018 is a great leap forward. It opens new possibilities and brings us the much-needed freedom to import, export and align scans freely. The solution’s stability has been improved and the workflows are optimised. I love it!” says Mr. Przemek Seweryniak, CEO Cosmodent Laboratory, Sweden. 3Shape Dental System 2018 highlights include: • Designmore e ƥ cientlywith ƪexible scan handling that enables technicians to combine various types of scans (surface, pre-prep, bite and face scans) and save designs at any step in the workƪow • Create precision contacts with auto snap of the crown to the antagonist or neighbouring teeth • Double the speed of bridge and bar design with automatic creation and positioning of connectors • Make beautiful smiles in minutes with 3Shape Smile Design by simulating realistic smiles in 2D and linking design to 3D in 3Shape RealView to guide restorative steps • Produce partial and full dentures more e ơ ectively with signiƤcantly improved prosthetic workƪows • Deliver Clear Aligner* services with 3Shape driven workflows for either in-house design and production, or through partners 3Shape Dental System 2018 Open Ecosystem 3Shape’s open ecosystem offers an unrivalled range of treatment workƪows, integrated libraries, design service partnerships, and interfaces to virtually all manufacturing equipment and materials. From over eighty sleeves and implant libraries, to integratedmills, 3D printers and materials, labs can take advantage of open digital dentistry to expertly serve the needs of their dentists and patients. “This new3Shape Dental Systemversion received exceptionally positive feedback from the dental technicians taking part in the beta testing. Higher reliability and solid improvements have made Dental System 2018 a fantastic release! I really look forward to our users across the world beneƤtting from the new version,” saysMr. Rune Fisker, 3Shape vice president of Dental Lab. Ŷ A n t h o g y r , a p e o p l e - o r i e n t e d company dedicated to innovative implantology, is offering new materials for all implant- and tooth-supported restorations, cemented and screw retained restorations, and single and multiple-unit restorations. Now dentalprofessionalscanprovidemoresolutions for each indicationwith: More zirconia choices for ALL implant- and tooth-supported prostheses • Multi-layer Sina ML zirconia for anatomical restorations with no need for ceramisation. SinaML also saves time and reduces maintenance. • Translucent Sina T zirconia is now available for multiple-unit, implant- supported restorations. The durability (over 1200 MPa) of all SinaZ, SinaT, andSinaML zirconia is certiƤed for all indications, including multiple-unit, implant-supported restorations. More choice of materials for single- unit, tooth-supported and anatomical restorations. • Glass ceramic VITA SUPRINITY ® PC for its aesthetic qualities • Hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC ® for its e x t r e m e l y simpleƤnishing p r o c e d u r e a n d a b i l i t y t o a b s o r b ma s t i ca t o r y force. Ŷ