Dental Asia Jul/Aug 2018

74 DENTAL ASIA JULY / AUGUST 2018 %22.6 IRU 6$/( Aesthetic & Function: Methodologies for Dental Clinics and Laboratories by Claudio Nannini 336 pages • 827 photos AFG (Anatomic Functional Geometry) Modelling by Alberto Battistelli Dario Severino Oto La Manna 314 pages • 865 photos Available in 12 languages: Italian, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Korean Though written as an operational handbook for those who are just starting out or want to begin again without the typical “scientific” books, this text has sunk its roots into the hard sciences (mathematics and geometry) Available in 6 languages: Italian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese Chapter 1: The principles of occlusion Chapter 2: Facebows•Articulators • Accesories Chap t e r 3 : Re c o r d i ng t he relationships between the arches Methods for avoiding bite-raising Chapter 4: Aesthetic analysis and the most ancient of artistic techniques, entrusting a system of innovative images not just with the technique but also the magic and excitement of expressiveness. This book is crucial for every dental technician and dentist. Users of this technique and geometric parameters will find plenty of improvements in their daily reconstructive practice. The AFG supplements all the known gnathological techniques. Fundamen t a l p r i nc i p l es o f prosthetic reconstructions Chapter 5: Diagnostic aesthetic and functional wax-ups with preview in the oral cavity Chapter 6: Temporary restorations: Immediate provisionals, on prepared teeth, on implants, orthotics Chap t e r 7 : Techn i ques f o r transferring temporary restorations into the oral cavity Chapter 8: Clinical cases Aesthetics and Techniques of New Material by MDT Paolo Smaniotto Dr. Alexander Beikircher Available in 3 languages: Italian, English, German The authors show the way to a beautiful, aesthetic smile through a detailed description of their working methods. Their excellent works presented show how to solve every clinical case in a very aesthetic way, choosing the most suitable techniques. Why are these two dental professionals able to obtain such exemplary results? On one hand, it is due to their 30 years of experience, while on the other, it is because they are able to find a balance between theoretical concepts andpractical applications that can lead to success. Available in 3 languages: English, Italian and Spanish The real reason for the choice of the topic is make it understood how dentistry, which seems to be ever increasingly oriented towards cosmetics, remains a deeply medical discipline, making “ill” patients (a paradoxical tautology imposed by this historic time in which we often see “healthy” patients) the main players who can reacquire good health and joie de vivre thanks to our treatment. This book was written is merely quantitative but with significant professional repercussions. In contrast to patients with purely cosmetic needs, those with terminal or verymuch compromised dentition are much more numerous when one considers the rate at which the western world is ageing or if the horizons are widened to the millions of people in the world who are comingout of poverty and want to look after their oral health. by Dr. Leonello Biscaro 404 pages • 1,862 photos The Terminal Dentition 6 6 216 pages • 1,000 photos 6 6