Dental Asia Mar/Apr 2018

37 DENTAL ASIA MARCH / APRIL 2018 I nnovation, camaraderie and diversity in the dental space were qualities the Chicago Midwinter Meeting set out to celebrate early this year in February. As it turned out, this theme ran true to what 3D Systems has achieved to date with the recent launch of its fully integrated solution at the show. Its latest innovation was largely made possible with the company’s strategic acquisition of Vertex Global Holding, a leading provider for innovative dental materials worldwide, over a year ago. The expertise and unrivalled materials o ơ ered by dental prosthetics manufacturer Vertex Dental and dental 3D printing materials developer NextDent – previously subsidiary companies under Vertex Global Holding – enabled 3D Systems to boost its capabilities and solidify its foothold in the industry. To Ƥnd out more about what the pioneer and manufacturer of 3D printing has been up to in the lead-up to its recent product launch, Ms. Jamie Tan, Dental Asia’s Publications Director sat down with Mr. Vyomeshi Joshi (VJ), President and CEO, together with Mr. Rik Jacobs, VP, General Manager, Dental, 3D Systems for a chat. The right partnership Themerger between 3DSystems andVertex Global Holding Ƥrst began with a shared vision to bring 3D dental production to the next level. One and a half years ago, Mr. Jacobs, founder and former CEO of NextDent and Mr. Joshi sat down together to discuss the possibilities of realising their goal ofmanufacturing 3Ddental production solutions. “Having been in the industry for 10 years, I had acquired extensive knowledge on printing technologies and developing dental materials. 3D systems was also an expert in 3D printing, with over 30 years of experience in the business. At that time, Dental Profile 3D Systems’ President & CEO Mr. Vyomesh Joshi at Lab Day Chicago 2018 emphasizing the importance of starting with the customer. Interviewed by Jamie Tan