Dental Asia Mar/Apr 2018

38 Dental ProƤle we knew exactly what our customers were looking for: a trusted, accurate and productive solution that would allow them to easily incorporate 3D dental printing into their daily workƪow,” shared Mr. Jacobs, 3D Systems. AkintotwopuzzlepiecesthatƤttogether perfectly, NextDent’s portfolio of dental 3D printing materials complemented that of 3D Systems’ disruptive 3D production systems to a tee. NextDent’s products, for one, had been approved for use in more than 70 countries worldwide. This would grant 3D Systems immediate access to several markets, helping to propel the company to the global stage. Embracing this synergy, the two proceeded with the merger – which saw Mr. Jacobs being appointed VP and General Manager of 3D Systems’ Dental business. Since then, the teamhad been busyworking on developing a fully integrated 3D dental printing solution that wouldmeet the needs of customers – both today and in the future. Starting with the customer “I believe that you can only develop a great solution if you start with the customer. As Vertex Global Holding has been around for the past 80 years, we have the advantage of being able to leverage their insights as well as our engineering talent to Ƥgure out which direction to take. From there, we can formulate incredible solutions. This also applies to any other kind of manufacturing; you have to start with the customer, followed by the use case, then materials and hardware,” opined Mr. Joshi. He then proceeded to list four top needs that customers require solutions to fulƤl: predictability, accuracy, productivity and cost structure. By anticipating and meeting these needs through its novel solutions, The 3D Systems teamat Lab Day Chicago 2018. 3D Systems’ Mr. Rik Jacobs and Mrs. Connie Peterse with the Ne x t D e n t 5 1 0 0 - e n a b l e s improvements in patient care while revolutionizing the dental workƪow.