Dental Asia Mar/Apr 2018

Dental Updates 8
Dental Management 18
Sit Healthy, Work Comfortably 18
Sterility Assurance begins with the end in mind 20
Under the Spotlight 24
Inspiring and Empowering Others Through Dentistry 24
The Linguadontics Clinic: A Wholistic Approach in Dentistry 28
Up Close and Personal 34
A Centre for Education 34
Dental Profile 39
Redefining Digital Dentistry 39
Clinical Feature 44
Bioactivity in Restorative Dentistry: A User's Guide 44
User Report 50
AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master: My Experience 50
Cerec Guide 2-The Complete Digital Workflow for Guided Implantology with Dentsply Sirona ASTRA EV and ANKYLOS Implant Systems- Limitations and Breakthrough 52
Behind The Scenes 57
An Alternative Approach to Cosmetic Space Clossure 57
Bridging the Age Gap with Implants 62
In depth with 66
Setting New Standards in Digital Dental Technology 66
Thriving in a Connected World 68
The Dental Mills that Meet the Increasing Demand for Lab-friendly Automation and Management Tools 71
Structo Velox: Taking Work Out of the Workflow 73
3D Systems Redefines Digital Dentistry and Enables Enhanced Patient Care 75
Large Prints, Incredible Resolution 77
New Software Releases from Exocad 78
Every Blank is Perfect: New “Anterior” Multilayer Zirconia Impresses with Natural Colouration and Translucency 79
Product Highlights 80
Show Preview 93
Books for Sale 98
Events Calendar 100