Dental Asia May/Jun 2018

24 DENTAL ASIA MAY / JUNE 2018 Interviewed by Ms. Jamie Tan A dvancement in technology is incessant in the industry. D i g i t a l d e n t i s t r y i s continuously expanding its reach and function in all the di ơ erent Ƥelds. Recent examples include digital impressions in prosthodontics, CBCT scans for implant guided implants, 3D printing of prosthesis (onlays, inlays, veneers and dentures) and now Dental Monitoring for orthodontics. To find out about Dental Monitoring, what it can bring to practices and patients and how it works, Dental Asia spoke to D r . G r a n t Du n c a n , t h e p i o n e e r Dental Monitoring user for Invisalign in the Asia PaciƤc region. Dr. Grant Duncan is a specialist orthodontist in Adelaide, Australia. He graduated in Dentistry from the University of Adelaide, and subsequently went to the University of Manitoba to achieve his Master of Science in Orthodontics. H e i s a c e r t i f i e d t r a i n e r f o r Align Technology (Invisalign), a clinical tutor in the University of Adelaide, past co-director of the Adelaide Seattle Study Group, a founding president of the Australian Orthodontist Study Group, member of the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy of Dentistry and co-founder of The Invisible Orthodontist. Orthodontic community Dr. Duncan’s dedication t o h i s wo r k i s s hown through his passion for education. This also led him to be a co-founder of TheInvisibleOrthodontist(TIO), an international network of orthodontists throughout Australia, USAandUK that are committed to treating patients using invisible techniques like Invisalign – orthodontic treatment SHAPING THE FUTURE OF ORTHODONTICS which uses clear plastic aligners that are nearly invisible – to move teeth into the desired position.