Dental Asia May/Jun 2018

DENTAL ASIA MAY / JUNE 2018 + Extreme flexibility, precise results. For more information Reliable model production thanks to the ingenious AUTO spin system. AUTO spin Model System Precise working models made easy: The AUTO spin model system ensures highly precise acrylic plate drilling holes with optimal working comfort. High flexibility through compatible components with other model systems such as Giroform ® or Zeiser ® . He sees DMbeing integrated into other Ƥelds of dentistry. According to him, it will be useful for oral hygiene and periodontal concerns. DM will also be helpful in diagnostic dentistry. Words of advice Dr. Duncan strongly regards education as a valuable part in being successful in this industry. He shared that going to meetings, talking to people, visiting other practices and businesses, engaging with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), keeping an open mind, being innovative and entrepreneurial and saying “yes” will truly be helpful to one’s growth. “You have to decide if you are a follower or a leader. During one of my presentations, I was asked: ‘Will AI replace orthodontists?’. I answered no. It would not replace orthodontists but it will replace those orthodontists who don’t use AI. The same will hold in any part of dentistry – examination, diagnostic or treatment planning,” he stressed. He mentioned that being true to oneself, helping others, giving back and being prepared to fail are all part of learning and building oneself. Moreover, Dr. Duncan wished that he had come across Schopenhauer’s three stages of truth (ridicule, violent opposition and self evidence) earlier in his career. It would have given him some inner peace and guided him in helping others to reach the self-evident stage of truth earlier. “Time and time again, I have seen and started something new that tests the status quo. I teachmy children towelcome failure. If you are not failing you are not learning and will not try new things. I believe in helping others and giving back in everything and at every opportunity. It is far more rewarding and one of life’s greatest joy. Start today,” Dr. Duncan Ƥrmly concluded. DA