Dental Asia May/Jun 2019

Behind the Scenes DENTAL ASIA MAY / JUNE 2019 58 cause shadows, the visibility always remains perfectly clear. The 3D approach, which enables optimal hand-eye coordination, helps with modelling. I am able to use the coloured waxes, designed by my friend, MDT August Bruguera, with great accuracy and achieve the desired effects. We often show the wax- up on the screen to the patients and they are often surprised to see an enlarged example of a piece of work specially designed using this innovative technique. In my opinion, the 3D video enlargement provides the greatest advantage when creating the ceramic build-up. The EASY view 3D makes it possible to re-adjust andbuild the ceramicmaterial by placing, for example, mamelons in various colours and in different positions. It is now possible to Adapting to the modernisation of technology Four years ago, when I first tested a 2D and 3D microscope at Renfert, I immediately thought of the many procedures I could complete in an entirely new way and the ergonomic posture I would benefit from in my daily work routine. I instantly knew that this piece of equipment would be an integral part of my laboratory as soon as it became available. And that is exactly what happened: I witnessed the modernisation of my trade firsthand and therefore find it quite natural to view the results of my work using the latest technologies. As with all new equipment, it took me a short while to get used to working with Renfert’s EASY view 3D. My eyes were naturally accustomed to looking at the object in my hands and not the monitor, where everything is also displayed in real time. However, I was willing to take on this challenge and I soon realised that with regular use of the EASY view 3D, I quickly became accustomed to this new way of working. Our brain is very quick to adapt and therefore the transition was not difficult for me. Advantages of EASY view 3D Investing in EASY view 3D was worth it as the 3D video microscope proved useful in many different production processes in the laboratory: from the ceramic build-up and finishing, preparation of plaster dies or abutments to handling of laser sintered metals. In addition, the EASY view 3D has allowed me to determine the quality and flaws of the impressions or models and to share pictures or videos of the object with my clients from other regions in order to discuss with them in real time. Aside from the previously mentioned advantages, the microscope’s focal depth can be adjusted to achieve an ideal view of the inside of the crown, which will help perfect its finishing. As the illumination follows the field of view and does not