Dental Asia Nov/Dec 2018

Dental Management DENTAL ASIA NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2018 20 well ventilated, which boosts health and comfort. Saddle sitting also enhances the circulation in the legs because of the wide and healthy 135 degree angles on the knees and hip joints. For example, it is advised for the drill foot control to be placed on your side and for the foot to be changed from time to time to avoid discomfort. Keep it comfortable Loose clothes boost circulation, metabolism and comfort. It is relaxing to use socks, shoes, underwear, trousers and belts that do not press on any part of the body at all. Pressure marks on the skin mean that the clothes are poorly suited for sitting. Adjust the patient high enough This is necessary so that the practitioner can sit up straight with forearms pointing up in a 10 degree angle - preventing the practitioner from slouching. For example, whenever using a mirror or microscope, leave no space between the patient and the chair. Take a break Move between the patients. Make sure to stand, take a few steps or stretch. The best exercise is to walk on stairs, two steps at a time, several times a day. Also, try treating every fourth patient standing. M any dentists finish their careers before retirement age because of health problems (backaches, posture problems). This is a big and unnecessary waste. By making use of new health studies and abandoning some old habits, dentists can reach a higher level in their personal health, productivity, and economy. In order to solve sitting disorders, t h e l e a d i n g F i n n i s h c omp a n y , Salli Systems, has developed a sitting health concept that is currently the healthiest in the world. The concept is based on Salli Saddle Chairs, electrically adjustable tables with elbow and wrist support, and extensive background knowledge that is used to motivate and train the users to get the most out of this revolutionary concept. The company has special solutions, instructions and accessories for people suffering from different kinds of sitting disorders. The concept can be used in all sedentary work and also in several tasks that have been traditionally performed while standing up. The Salli concept can alleviate well-advanced disorders, such as bad posture and lower back deterioration. Sitting according to the Salli concept is highly recommended for growing children and teenagers in order to avoid typical posture and back problems in the future. Ergonomics Sitting ergonomics is crucial for both macro and micro circulation of blood and lymph that takes place in more than 400,000 km of vessels, and the activity of which determines our level of health and energy. Sitting on a two-part and swinging saddle chair gives good posture that results in a healthy and painless back. Breathing is deeper, and the quickened flow of food in the intestine keeps the stomach healthy. Relaxed neck muscles guarantee undisturbed cerebral circulation and thus better eye and brain coordination. When sitting on a Salli Saddle chair, the upper body pressure is on the bones, just ast it should be. The pelvic floor and genitals are free from pressure and Fig. 1: Healthywork posturewithout back problems Making Dental Work Easier and More Profitable By Mr. Veli-Jussi Jalkanen