Dental Asia Nov/Dec 2018

Striving for Excellence: What Sets Dentatus Apart Interviewed by Ms. Jamie Tan F or over 80 years, the Swedish company Dentatus has been known worldwide as a designer of systems and manufacturer of Swedish innovative high quality medical devices used in the dental field. Founded in 1930 to serve the growing Scandinavian market, Dentatus is renowned for its line of precision semi-adjustable articulators that are currently being used in many universities and dental teaching facilities all over the world. In addition, the company is also popular for introducing the first prefabricated endodontic Classic Post used in dentistry. With the acquisition of Dentatus AB, the company expanded its marketing strategies and accelerated the development of products for the 21 st century to satisfy dentistry’s modern needs. Dentatus’ wide range of precision high technology and dental products are distributed through a network of importers and dealers across the world. To understand more about Dentatus’ strategies, latest products, presence in the APAC market and future plans, Dental Asia spoke to Mr. Tomas Skeppmark, Managing Director of Dentatus AB. Mr. Tomas Skeppmark, Managing Director of Dentatus AB Dental Profile DENTAL ASIA NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2018 22