Dental Asia Nov/Dec 2018

In depth with DENTAL ASIA NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2018 56 T he DTX Studio suite not only helps clinicians acquire and consolidate diagnostic data at their practice, it connects the dental team to collaborate on treatment efficiency. To take speed, precision and accuracy to a whole new level, clinicians can plan their treatments in DTX Studio Implant and proceed to implant surgery with the very latest 3D-navigated surgery technology: X-Guide. Scan, plan, and navigate in a day X-Guide is a dynamic 3D-navigation system that becomes part of a streamlined workflow for same-day guided surgery. On the day of treatment, the clinician carries out the 3D CBCT scan, intraoral surface scans, creates the treatment plan in DTXStudioImplant,andimmediately exports it with all the planning components to X-Guide. The practice can be ready to perform3D navigated dental implant surgery on the very same day. Furthermore, DTX Studio Implant gives the clinician direct access to the Nobel Biocare implant library when creating their treatment plan. Like GPS for freehand surgery X-Guide’s dynamic 3D navigation makes same-day guided surgery possible without the need for a conventional surgical template. X-Guide guides the clinician through the treatment plan, providing a X-Guide ™ Empowered by DTX Studio ™ Suite Takes Dental Treatment Efficiency to a Whole New Level Fig. 1: X-Guide with DTX Studio Implant enables the clinician to scan, plan and perform computer-navigated surgery on the same day. Fig. 2: X-Guide’s impressive tracking technology even makes it possible to control the drill when it is out of sight. Fig. 3: X-Guide provides a 360-degree, real-time view of the drill and anatomy. References: 1. Block MS, Emery RW, Cullum DR, Sheikh A. Implant Placement Is More Accurate Using Dynamic Navigation. American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. J Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 75:1377-1386, 2017. 2. Emery RW, Merritt SA, Lank K, Gibbs, JD. Accuracy of Dynamic Navigation for Dental Implant Placement – Model Based Evaluation. J Oral Implantology 2016 Jun 6. 3. Block MS, Emery RW, Lank K, Ryan J. Implant Placement Accuracy Using Dynamic Navigation. JOMI. 2017. Vol.32. 360-degree, real-time view of the drill and anatomy during osteotomy and implant insertion. The ability to oversee every movement of the handpiece helps achieve a more exact implant placement compared to freehand surgery. X-Guide’s impressive tracking technology even makes it possible to control the drill when it is out of sight. This alternative to surgical templates not only saves time but also makes it possible for the clinician to retain complete control throughout the surgery – with the power to immediately adapt the treatment plan at any time. Stand out with innovation Nobel Biocare’s prominence in innovation is demonstrated once again by this exclusive distribution partnership with a pioneer in computer-navigated surgery, X-Nav. With the new X-Guide technology, which is already supported by peer-reviewed studies 1,2,3, clinicians can leverage newdigital dentistry and impress patients and peers alike. DA For more information please visi t - Nobel Biocare