Dental Asia Nov/Dec 2018

DENTAL ASIA NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2018 58 Product Highlight NextDent 5100 Redefines Digital Dentistry™ 3D Systems exocad The NextDent 5100 is powered by 3D Systems’ proprietary Figure 4™ technology, which facilitates high-speed 3D printing of dental devices and fixtures. The printer is compatible with industry- standard state-of-the-art intra-oral scanning and software solutions, delivering more precise results than conventional manual production techniques. The trusted end-to-end digital workflow also provides higher and more predictable uptime, with a significant reduction in risk for the operator. The range of dental materials, advanced print technology and compatibility with leading dental software is transforming dental workflows, enabling dental labs and clinics to produce trays, models (orthodontic/prosthodontic), surgical guides, dentures, orthodontic splints, crowns and bridges with enhanced speed, precision, efficiency and lower cost. Certified and biocompatible materials Combined with a portfolio of 30 unique NextDent biocompatible materials — the largest number available from any material supplier — the NextDent 5100 addresses multiple dental applications. These materials are offered in a variety of aesthetic colours to closely match patients’ teeth and gums. All NextDent materials are biocompatible and CE-certified, FDA listed and classified in accordance with the international medical device regulations. Trusted end-to-end workflow The NextDent 5100 delivers precise results every single time with minimal human intervention. When combined with other 3D Systems dental solution components, it creates a comprehensive and trustedworkflow. This includes the NextDent LC-3DMixer for optimal stirring of materials, and the NextDent LC-3DPrint Box for UV post-curing. ■ Expanding with DentalCAD 2.2 Valletta exocad GmbH has recently announced the availability of its new release exocad DentalCAD 2.2 Valletta. With more than 30 added enhanced features as well as over 130 existing functions, the Valetta stands as having the largest expansion capabilities in exocad’s history to date. This also marks the introduction of exocad’s new naming scheme, wherein the company names a major software release after major cultural cities. This year’s release is named after the 2018 European Capital Culture, Valetta. “We are delighted to announce the new possibilities of Valletta for dental professionals. This release is a collaborative effort between exocad and customers. The product evolves as a result of invaluable feedback and feature requests fromusers, enabling us to drive innovation and continuously set the industry standard in digital dentistry excellence,” said Mr. Tillman Steinbrecher, CEO of exocad. Major highlights of DentalCAD 2.2 Valletta include: • dentalshare webview: True 3D preview links that can be viewed in a web browser and on mobile devices • New hotkeys: Faster interaction thanks to multiple usability and performance improvements • Free forming: Allows adding embossed text to any design possible • New Contact Point Tools: Smarter approximal adaptation, easy editing with Disc cutter • Advanced Articulation: Free selection of guidance surface in articulator movement • New HD Tooth Library: Natural and aesthetically pleasing tooth set • Model Creator: Implant models with gingival mask and individual insertion direction for dies • Improved Rendering: More realistic 3D rendering and greatly improved colour texturing of intraoral scans • Cut View: Additional optional display for interactive cut views All exocad users who already have an updated contract will be able to use the new release. ■