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Dental Asia • September / October 2014
n this issue, Dental Asia features one of the speakers of the
Asia Pacific Dental Congress 2015, which will be held from
April 3 to 5, 2015 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and
Exhibition Centre . Hear from Dr. Marlene Teo as she gives
a brief rundown on her topic for APDC 2015.
Dr. Marlene Teo
graduated from the National University of
Singapore, where she was the 6
dental graduate in its 64-year
history to be awarded with BDS Honours. Throughout her
course of study, Dr. Teo was awarded a total of 11 academic
and clinical medals. She subsequently obtained her Masters
in Periodontology from the University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, where she was selected as one of four finalists
in the prestigious Orban competition. That same year,
she was also awarded the North Carolina-AADR Turner
Research award.
Dr. Teo is a Diplomate of theAmerican Board of Periodontology
and an ITI Fellow. She maintains a clinical practice limited
to periodontics and dental implants at TP Dental Surgeons
Pte. Ltd. She currently holds a joint appointment as Adjunct
Senior Lecturer at the National University of Singapore
and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill. She also lectures extensively, both
locally and internationally. Her areas of interest include
soft tissue aesthetics in implant dentistry, multidisciplinary
treatment planning and soft and hard tissue regeneration.
Topic for Discussion:
Optimising Dento-Facial Aesthetics with an Integrated
Multi-Disciplinary Approach
Part 1: Natural Teeth
Part 2: Dental Implants
“We now practise dentistry in an era where patients have
become more aesthetically demanding. A patient used to be
satisfied when pain was relieved and disease was controlled.
It was also sufficient and considered a clinical success if the
dental implant osseointegrated. Nowadays, it is essential
that health, function and aesthetics are met,” Dr. Teo said.
What can a multi-disciplinary team do
to predictably enhance the dento-facial
aesthetic treatment outcome?
Dr. Teo:
The gingiva around natural teeth and implants
contribute largely to the clinical success of the final
restoration. Numerous procedures to enhance the soft tissue
around teeth and implants have been suggested. However,
it is an additional challenge to recreate the pink aesthetic
zone around implants in an East Asian patient, as they often
present with a thin biotype more prone to mucosal recession.
Clinicians also often encounter difficulties in masking the
colour of the implant fixture and recreating the shape of
the papilla. Orthodontic extrusion techniques to coronally
reposition hard and soft tissue around implants are also used.
Some of these techniques are controversial, as they do not
seem to be predictable in the long term.
Which technique should we use – and
Dr. Teo:
Answers shall be further discussed come APDC
Singapore. This lecture aims to answer these questions
pertaining to natural teeth and implants. It also hopes to
encourage more interaction between disciplines for ideal
end results.
Dr. Marlene Teo