Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 DENTAL ASIA 19 practice has already established trust and built a relationship with patients. Hence, if there is a service the patient would bene̬t from, it is advisable to o ̫ er them an additional service on the same day – the practice won’t need to spend again on the marketing cost to attract the same patient. Withmarketing automation software, it is possible to customise the patient’s suggested upsell based on any information about them or what they already bought. For example, a patient who has straightened their teeth may be more interested in cosmetic bonding, spare retainers, or deluxe teeth whitening and these options could be presented to them as educational letters/emails before their ̬nal visits, thus sowing the seed for any conversations as they could then be more receptive. 7) Get referrals Getting referrals is a critical part of building any business – and this is the ̬nal stage of lifecycle marketing. By delivering an excellent service the patient feels thrilled about and through sending reminders or incentives for them, if they refer someone, it is more likely for a referral to take place. The number of referrals can only increase in a practice by making sure this happens every time for every patient. Right here, right now For a practice that wants to do more specialist procedures – such as orthodontics, dental implants or All-on-Four teeth in a day – and investing in adverts, adwords and other promotional activities, a marketing automation system is essential to get a higher return on investment. It is also essential to help deliver a service that patient’s love and refer their friends, too. The beauty of the software is that it runs automatically and can remind your team members of the next action, so no one slips through the cracks. DA Dr. Aalok Y Shukla BDS is in private practice at Alkali Dental Studios. He is the founder of “I Love Straight Teeth” and “Click.Convert.Sell”, a provider of business growth engines, systems and coaching for ambitious businesses. About the Author Unterkaltenbach 17-27 51766 Engelskirchen GERMANY Telefon +49 2263 86-0 Telefax +49 2263 20741 Aesthetics in zirconia ... perfected with ZIRAMANT instruments! The impressive hardness and durability of zirconium dioxide put highest demands on the instruments. The special diamond coated ZIRAMANT series masters corrections on the framework before veneering in the laboratory or during the subsequent incorporation on the patient, as well as the trepanation or cutting of zirconia restorations in the daily dental practice. Please ask for our leaflet or enter T h e r e i s n o s u b s t i t u t e f o r q u a l i t y