Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

T he International Team for Implantology (ITI) was founded in 1980 by 12 experts planning ahead for the future of their ̬eld. Their objective was to have an alliance of specialists to pursue research and development in an important and yet untapped medical area on a voluntary and idealistic basis. Through its growing number of national Sections, the ITI ensures the exchange of expertise and know-how via a modern, quality-conscious end e ̮ cient network. Today, the ITI hasmore than17,000Fellows and Members worldwide. This includes the ITI Section South East Asia (SEA), initiated in 2012. To ̬nd out more about the association’s progress, research projects, committees, partnerships and Study Clubs, Dental Asia spoke to Dr. Alvin Yeo, Chair, together with Dr. YipChi Cheong, StudyClubCoordinator, of the ITI Section South East Asia. Kindly share with us the trends you’ve noticed in the ITI Sea Section. The ITI Section South East Asia has seen a steady increase in number of members, with 28 Fellows and 361 Members, within the region. There are two particular trends that stood out in the SEA region. Firstly, a noticeable growing trend of young dentists showing keen interest in the ̬eld of implant dentistry. Secondly, a signi̬cant number of female dentists (approximately 40%) make up the association’s membership and many have stepped up in assuming leadership roles with the SEA region. Women as dental professionals have come a long way across the SEA region. In my opinion, culture and sensitivity has improved within our society. Many women are attracted to dentistry because of the opportunities to blend family with dental practice. As women become a larger part of the dental population, we naturally see an increasing trend of women integrating themselves amongst the several disciplines within our profession, including the ̬eld of implant dentistry. Due to the advancement in the ̬eld of implant dentistry over the years, the association has observed predictable outcomes and excellent aesthetic results from teeth replacement utilising dental implants. Nowadays, patients are more discerning of the benefits that dental implants can o ̫ er resulting in more requests for dental implants as means to replacing missing teeth. Interviewed by Ms. Jamie Tan Dr. Alvin Yeo Chair of the ITI Section South East Asia DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 20 Under the Spotlight