Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Dental Profile DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 26 F o r o v e r e i g h t d e c a d e s , Henry Schein has been well known in the dental industry as a global solutions company for health care professionals. As trusted advisors and consultants, Henry Schein has delivered top-notch patient care and has enhanced practice management efficiency, providing profitability to their customers. To find out more about the company’s digital solutions, business solutions, industry contributions and growth potential in the Asian region, Dental Asia had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Patrick Thurm, Vice-President o f Te c hno l og y - I n t e r na t i ona l , G l oba l P ro s t h e t i c So l u t i on s o f Henry Schein Dental. Providing solutions As a solutions company for health care professionals, Henry Schein takes pride in being powered by a strong network of people and technology. According to Mr. Thurm, the rapidly increasing digitalisation in dentistry and the gradual shift of dental practices from purely being health care providers towards being full- ̭edged businesses – running e ̮ ciently and pro̬tably while delivering optimum patient care - are crucial. He stresses the importance for practice owners to have a strong partner to support themwhile navigating through new opportunities and ̬nding the best individual solutions for their practices’ needs. “We p rov i de bus i nes s solutions that offer the A to Z of essential products, services, and solutions i nc l ud i ng con s u l t anc y, education, digital marketing, managemen t s o f twa r e , design of practices, and even personalised technical and ̬nancial services. Customers can rely on Henry Schein being a trusted advisor for the supply chain, clinical, technology and business solutions needed to operate e f f i c i en t l y and de l i v e r quality patient care,” stated Mr. Thurm. Interviewed by Ms. Jamie Tan Patrick Thurm, Vice-President of Technology – International, Global Prosthetics Solutions of Henry Schein Dental Celebration of the ConnectDental showroom in Bangkok