Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

In depth with DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 58 T h e S w i s s c o m p a n y C e n d r e s +Mé t a u x i s a manufacturer of products for the dental, medical and luxury goods sectors as well as for industry. For over 100 years, customers have relied on the skills of the company to process precious materials to high quality products with the utmost precision. The combination of experience and innovation leads to promising successful solutions. In the ̬eld of Medtech, Cendres+Métaux focuses on comprehensive solutions in the medical and dental markets. Cendres+Métaux sells a wide range of dental products under its own name, whereby the product range is divided into three complementary product lines: the prosthetic.line, esthetic.line, and digital.line. In addition to its own products, Cendres+Métaux is strongly positioned in the area of contract manufacturing for various medical devices and cooperates with renowned companies from the dental industry and other medical technology companies. Pekkton ® ivory - an exclusive high-performance polymer Particularly worth mentioning in the ̬eld of aesthetics, is the high-performance polymer Pekkton ® ivory. The material is the solution for a de̬nitive aesthetic restoration on implants. Resembling humanbone, Pekkton ® ivory demonstrates simple biomechanical integration in the mouth. Owing to the low weight of the denture and its load absorption, patients may benefit from a completely new wearing comfort. The PEKK material used for Pekkton ® i v o r y o r i g i n a t e s f r om t h e PAEK (poly-aryl-ether-ketone) materials family and o ̫ ers excellent mechanical properties. The high- performance polymer has established itself as a popular material f o r f r a m e w o r k s i n p r o s t h e t i c s , i n p a r t i c u l a r f o r s u p e r s t r u c t u r e s . The ma t e r i a l c an be milled and pressed. The h i gh - pe r f o rmance po l yme r Pekkton ® ivory is available exclusively from Cendres+Métaux and was voted as the “game changing product of the year” by the American magazine “Inside Dental Technology (IDT)” in 2016. The advantages of Pekkton ® ivory at a glance • Shock-absorbing • Metal-free • High stability at low weight • Biocompatible • Tasteless • No thermal or electrical conductivity CAD/CAM precious metal milling services Cendres+Métaux also possesses considerable know-how in milling and CAD/CAM technologies and has been o ̫ ering digitally fabricated dentures for many years. Milled superstructures made of titanium, CrCo (Chromium Cobalt), Pekkton ® and now also precious metal, are among the specialties of the Swiss company. Due to the extension of CAD/CAM milling services to dental alloys, the precise fabrication of ̬xed prosthetic solutions which are compatible on the most common implant systems and natural teeth, is possible. The combination of the CAD/CAM workflow and the use of evidence-based precious metal, which has been trusted in dentistry for decades, allow easy realisation of complex, tension-free superstructures with a high precision ̬t. Precious metal o ̫ ers optimal properties for biocompatible and high-quality dentures. Compared with other materials, for example, CrCo or zirconium, precious metal offers excellent mechanical properties and is adapted to the structure and functional requirements of the mouth. The advantages of milled precious metal at a glance • Easy rea l i sa t i on o f comp l ex superstructures in precious metal • Compatible with the most common implant systems and natural teeth • Ev i dence-based ma t e r i a l f or reconstructive prosthetics • High precision and tension-free ̬t thanks to CAD/CAM technology • Easy processing, no error-prone processes DA For further assistance in Asia Pacific region, write to Website: Singapore & Malaysia Distributor: Southeast Implants (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Tel: +65 6858 0301 ) - Cendres+Métaux