Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

In depth with SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 DENTAL ASIA 59 - Amann Girrbach A soneof the leading innovators and preferred full-service providers in digital dentistry, Amann Girrbach continues to produce and develop innovative products with the highest precision, impeccable functionality, immaculate aesthetics and comprehensive protection. The Ceramill Map 600 and the Zolid FX Multilayer Blocks are two new additions to their long list of high quality products in providing sophisticated system solutions for dental practices and laboratories. Precision at Light Speed with Ceramill Map 600 With the high-performance Ceramill Map 600 scanner of the DNA Generation, Amann Girrbach makes patient-analogue scanning easier and more precise than ever before. The new̭agship scanner from Amann Girrbach transforms the model situation from the actual articulator into a data set that o ̫ ers all the possibilities of virtual processing – conveniently, quickly and with maximum accuracy. the need of prior conversion to a transfer stand. During the scanning process, the model is transferred from the actual articulator to the software while retaining the axis relation, whereby the scanner generates open STL or PLY data. A wide variety of articulator types can be positioned and precisely scanned without any additional accessories on the integrated multifunctional support plate. This o ̫ ers the user maximum convenience and speed. The intelligent scan height control places the model perfectly in the scan ̬eld and o ̫ ers maximum process reliability. The high- definition scan via 3D sensor with blue-light technology and variable resolution guarantees optimal results with an accuracy of 4 ư m. DNA Speed Scanning ultimately enables a full jaw scan with unrestrictedly usable results in only 18 seconds. The new drive technology with an automatic Z-axis ensures ultra-precise and fast travel movement. Due to Splitex integration, all the accessory components of the Map portfolio can be used. Zolid FX Multilayer Blocks: Beautiful, E ̮ cient and Now with Greater Flexibility The Zolid FX Multilayer family keeps on growing and is extended by the block form. Flexible colour management meets a sophisticated holder concept which enables e ̮ cient production of different tooth shades overnight. Ceramill Map 600 creates a full jaw scan in only 18 seconds The Zolid FXMultilayer blocks are available in 16 VITA shades together with an Amann Girrbach mandrel and a universal mandrel for third-party systems. This allows the material to be efficiently processed with all Amann Girrbach dry milling machines and with a third-party system. The shade concept is analogous to the large milling blanks and the block o ̫ ers all the advantages of its big brother in terms of translucency, colour gradient and aesthetics. Zirconia blocks can be processed dry with the aid of the block adapter for the blank holder 71 in all Ceramill units. This can considerably reduce cost for stocks, especially for shades that are relatively rare. Due to the ingenious holder concept in the Motion 2, nine di ̫ erent tooth shades can be produced overnight. This further optimises the ̭exibility and e ̮ ciency of fabrication in the laboratory. DA The three-axis Ceramill Map 600 scanner makes scanning articulated models directly in the articulator possible without