Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 60 Product Highlight Directa New Dryz ® Blu Retraction Paste from Parkell Inc, USA Parkell Inc., USA have launched Dryz ® Blu, a new version of the popular Dryz ® retraction paste. It is now available in a contrasting blue colour making the material even more visible against gingiva, blood and tooth structure. Dryz ® Blu e ̫ ectively stops gingival seepage and is fast acting whether prior to making an impression, seating restorations or restoring subgingival cavities. Dryz ® Blu is available in syringes and in unit dose capsules. The material rinses easily and because of the aqua blue colour, any residual is quickly spotted and removed simply with a water/air spray. Using Dryz ® Blu is a breeze! • Prior to taking an impression, rinse and dry the prep. Isolate the area and simply dispense Dryz ® Blu into the sulcus directly from the syringe (or from the unit dose capsule which requires a dispensing gun). Dryz ® Blu will create a nice space between the gingival tissue and tooth surfaces while controlling any bleeding with its aluminum chloride. • It may also be used with compression caps for a little more “push” into the sulcus. After which, just allow the material to sit for a couple of minutes (dependingontheamountofhemostasis that’s necessary), rinse thoroughly, dry and make the impression. Dryz ® Blu is also great for tissue management for seating restorations, placing rubber dam clamps (controlling bleeding), bleaching teeth (to manage moisture) and restoring subgingival cavities. It controls seepage that may c o n t a m i n a t e a sensitive, restorative material, allowing for an optimal restorative dentistry. Its bright aqua blue colour allows easy detection of where material is placed. • It provides fast, e ̫ ective hemostasis due to its aluminum chloride content. • Last but not least, its sti ̫ consistency allows for more sulcular tissue displacement. ̎ NobelPearl: Natural Aesthetics and Soft-Tissue Harmony Nobel Biocare NobelPearl fromNobel Biocare is a 100% metal-free, two-piece ceramic implant solution with a cement-free internal connection - It has been designed to support natural soft-tissue appearance. Its white zirconia material is bene̬cial in patients with a thin mucosal biotype (Fig. 1). Cement-free ̭exibility NobelPearl offers greater restorative ̭exibility compared with one-piece or cemented ceramic implants, thanks to its two-piece, reversible, cement-free internal connection design. In order to avoid the risks associated with the use of excess cement, NobelPearl features the innovative VICARBO ® screw made of carbon ̬bre reinforced polymer (Fig. 2). Designed for a strong ceramic-to- ceramic connection, the VICARBO ® screw withstands tensile forces, while the ceramic absorbs compressive forces. This ceramic material – alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ) – is proven to provide strength for success. Through its threaddesign and tapered implant shape, combined with the tapered drill protocol, is engineered to achieve high primary stability. The hydrophilic sand-blasted and acid-etched ZERAFIL™ surface, is proven to osseointegrate. NobelPearl’s implants and abutments are both milled fromhot isostatic-pressed (HIP) zirconium dioxide ATZ blanks – which are proven to be strong (Fig. 3) – and, at the ̬nal shaping of the implant, no sintering or finishing takes place. This enables a high level of dimensional precision and accuracy. Nob e l Pe a r l f o l l ows a r a ng e o f well-established work̭ows for two-piece implants and will be integrated into Nobel Biocare’s digital work̭ow. ̎ Fig. 3: The internal connection is specially designed for ceramics and the abutment enables a secure high-precision seating. Fig. 1 Fig. 2