Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 DENTAL ASIA 65 Product Highlight Busch More Advantageous Preparations with Original COOL-DIAMOND Instruments Nowadays, modern dentists prefer to use i ns t r umen t s p e r m i t t i n g a n a d v a n t a g e o u s treatment for their patients. BUSCH s upp l i e s C O O L - D I AMO N D instruments with numerous diagonally intersecting grooves a s t he p r emi um product for extensive preparations. This s p e c i a l d e s i g n i n t e r r u p t s t h e grinding process up to seven times during each rotation of the instrument, thus additionally supporting the process and facilitating the removal of chips. For easy identification, the o r i g i n a l COO L - D I AMOND instruments have a fine-gold coating which makes it more tissue compatible. The seamless diamond coating, also in the deeper grooves, not only ensures brilliant easy grinding with low vibrations but optimises the instrument’s service life as well. The edge effects on the cooling grooves favour the removal rate positively. Mo r e o v e r, t h e r a n g e o f COOL-DIAMOND instruments comprises 124 application- oriented versions in coarse, medium and fine diamond grit. ■ Nacera Latest Problem-Solver: Nacera Calibrate DOCERAM Medical Ceramics has applied its experience in industrial engineering and manufacturing providing solutions for dental laboratories. The latest problem- solver is a calibration set designed to accurately measure energy input logged by temperature and time. The gauge, Nacera Calibrate, is used to help assure correct processing of the material, and bring laboratory closer to “industrial-like” standards. Developed for precision The Nacera Calibrate was developed to precisely measure the amount of energy in a normal sintering cycle of Nacera Pearl or Nacera Pearl Q3. It controls the correct sintering and firing temperature for a perfect translucency, strength and true shades. Most importantly, Nacera Calibrate allows reproducibility of perfect ceramic results – every time. The set consists of a dial gauge, 15 calibration rings and a reference ring. During sintering, Nacera ® Calibrate is able to evaluate incurring energy for the entire sintering process. This energy input is composed of heating rate, temperature, and holding time. S i nce t he ce r ami c r i ngs sh r i nk proportionally to the input thermal energy during the sintering process, the achieved furnace temperature is subsequently precisely determined with a dial gauge in a specially developed bracket. If deviations from the required or programmed temperature are detected, the sintering furnace can be readjusted accordingly. Additional parameters such as the heating quotient and the optimum positioning of the items inside the sintering chamber can easily be evaluated with Nacera Calibrate. Benefits • Measure and set the correct temperature of your furnaces • Sinter your Zirconia right – every time • Be certain to get best strength and translucency • Use Nacera Calibrate to record proof correct firing cycles for large restorations. ■ Nacera Calibrate Set