Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Show Review SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 DENTAL ASIA 67 innovative products drive dentistry to new dimensions, reaching perfectly aesthetic results with minimally invasive restorative dentistry. Day 2: Endo day With the theme, “Innovations and the Latest Clinical Techniques for Lifetime Retentions of Endodontically Treated Teeth”, KOLs presented the skilful selection and use of pre-bendable nickel-titanium files in modern endodontics and how the perfectly shaped root canal can ultimately be successfully obturated. The choice of instruments has an important effect on the potential success of the therapy. During the endo lectures, the use of HyFlex EDM, CM NiTi files and GuttaFlow bioseal were explained. These recently introduced NITI instruments are made of heat treated alloy in various designs making it possible to shape the root canals with minimal number of instruments and preserve the root dentin integrity. On the other hand, the GuttoFlow bioseal is an intelligent bioactive 3-in-1obturationmaterial for fast and safe sealing and filling of root canals. Restorative Speakers: from left, Dr. Lie Yoon Zhen, Mr. Rodolfo Frei-Sales Director COLTENE Asia Pacific, Dr. Roberto Spreafico, Prof. Dr. Ivo Krejci, Dr. Nurul Huda Hasan and Dr. Liu Jingjin Endodontics Speakers: from left, Dr. Barbara Müller, Prof. Dr. Seok Woo Chang, Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà, Prof. Dr. Hyeon-Cheol Henry Kim and Dr. Antonis Chaniotis