Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2018

Dental Updates DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018 6 Network, Share Knowledge and Learn at the 3Shape Event of the Year! The Unregulated Dental Laboratory Products Myth 3Shape, a global leader i n 3D s canne rs and C A D / C AM s o f t w a r e so l u t i ons f o r d i g i t a l dentistry, to host its ̬rst-ever 3ShapeCommunitySymposium. The I naugu r a l 3Shape Community Symposium will take place at the idyllic Biltmore Hotel i n P h o e n i x , A r i z o n a , 4 th -6 th October 2018. The two-day event will explore technology and workflows that are driving digital dentistry today and in the future in dental practices and dental labs. Presenters at the event will include some of the most pioneering minds in the industry and we are very excited to have world- renowned speakers like Jonathan Ferencz, Sonia Leziy, Brahm Miller, Lee Culp, BJ Kowalski, and others delivering invaluable insight on digital dentistry. Don’t mi ss these t er r i f i c learning opportunities. The Symposium is open to doctors and dental l a b o r a t o r i e s u s i n g 3Shape solutions as well as professionals not using 3Shape solutions interested in discovering more about digital dentistry. Special sessions and hands-on classes will focus on the speci̬c needs of dental practices and labs. “We are extremely excited about launching the 3Shape Community Symposium. It is a terrific opportunity for dental professionals to gain insight and network with colleagues who are pushing the envelope in terms of digital dentistry,” says 3Shape Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Mr. Nikolaj Deichmann. “Because the event is two days, we decided to concentrate on education and knowledge-sharing rather than entertainment. There will be no movie stars or singers, just dental professionals focused on their craft and improving patient care.” One of the cool events at the Symposium is the “Genius Bar.” Attendees will be able to get one-to-one 3Shape solution advice and technical help at the drop- by station. All 3Shape solutions will be catered for, and consultations will be with a designated 3Shape expert with in-depth knowledge of the attendee’s dental specialty, whether it is restorative, implant, orthodontic or lab. 3ShapeCommunitySymposiumparticipants will alsoget anexclusivepreview into3Shape technology in the pipeline and can gain up to 15+ CE credits for attending. Ŷ Theperceptionheld in somequarters of the dental community that dental laboratory products are “unregulated” is entirely incorrect and is being corrected by the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of innovative dental products. “The regulatory standards for dental laboratory products are robust and provide high levels of patient safety. ADIA works with stakeholders from the dental community and government to raise awareness of, and compliance with, these regulatory standards,” said Mr. Troy Williams, ADIA Chief Executive O ̮ cer. ADIA’s efforts to help the dental community better understand how dental laboratory products are regulated include a course that provides an overview of the regulatory standards that all manufacturers and importers must adhere to. It also introduces the role of the nation’s medical device regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), in setting and enforcing the standards for dental laboratory products. “This course is all about providing local manufacturers and importers with an understanding of what their obligations are when supplying dental laboratory products. It goes a long way to debunking the myth that dental laboratory products in Australia are unregulated,” Mr. Williams said. ADIA plays a lead role in the development of dental laboratory product standards as a result of its in-depth engagement with the TGA. Further, businesses that manufacture and import dental laboratory products come together under the umbrella of the ADIA-LIG (Laboratory Interest Group) to help the sector understand its regulatory compliance obligations. “The work of the ADIA membe rsh i p i n comi ng together and helping the TGA enhance the regulatory framework for dental laboratory products is outstanding. However, developing the regulations is only the ̬rst step, we then need to raise compliance levels and that’s what this course is all about,” Mr. Williams said. The half-day course is being offered in Sydney on 30 th August 2018 and in Melbourne on 11 th October 2018. Ŷ