Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2019

M ORITA is one of the most important manufacturers of medical and dental products in the world. They are a leading supplier in the fields of X-ray diagnostics and endodontics and their product portfolio covers the entire spectrum of dentistry – from imaging systems and cone-beam computed tomography to treatment units, laser equipment and turbines to endodontic measuring and preparations systems. From the start, MORITA has followed the guidelines defined by the company’s founder, Mr. Junichi Morita, in 1916: To deliver the highest possible precision and quality products and always maintain fair business relationships with customers. Although the company is now being managed by the third generation, this philosophy still defines all aspects of MORITA’s entrepreneurial efforts and hence, forms the basis of numerous ground-breaking innovations. Recently, Dental Asia was fortunate enough to talk to Mr. Haruo Morita, President of J. MORITA CORP., to learn more about the company’s marketing strategies, their views on dental education, overcoming challenges, their innovative products and future plans. Continuously Valuing Education and Focusing on Safety By Dr. Chala R. Platon Mr. Haruo Morita, President of J. MORITA CORP. Headquarter office of J. MORITA CORP. in Osaka, Japan. Dental Profile DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2019 28