Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2019

Behind the Scenes DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2019 54 Open software solution for chairside restorations “Your freedom is our passion” is exocad’s philosophy. The company develops dental software solutions based on a fully open architecture concept. ChairsideCAD, exocad’s software for the clinical CAD/CAM environment, has been awarded this year’s Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award. Mr. Larry Bodony, President of exocad America, explains the advantages of open architecture software platform in dental practices. Congratulations on the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Award, Mr. Bodony. Which features of ChairsideCAD do you believe impressed the jury? The Best of Class Technology Award from Cellerant is an honour of which we are incredibly proud. The panel recognised the potential of fully integrated and open architecture software to expand the power of clinical CAD/CAM and the long-term benefits for dental practices. Now, complete digital workflows can be assembled from the best old and new scanners, CB/CT machines, 3D printers and chairside milling machines in the competitive open market. exocad integrates any and all equipment (including our competitors), reducing costs and the inherent risks compared to other CAD/CAM systems based on specific hardware. As an example, dentists using virtually any intraoral scanner can begin their “open” digital journey with a modest investment, send to any lab, and still have confidence that their CAD/CAM system will grow efficiently as their needs and knowledge expand. What types of restorations can be designed with ChairsideCAD? Crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, bridges and occlusal splints - it is relatively easy to achieve high quality single-visit restorations completely within ChairsideCAD environment. The upcoming 2.3 Matera release of ChairsideCAD adds significant options to the dentist, such as Implants for Custom Abutment and exocad’s Open and Powerful ChairsideCAD Software Wins Best of Class BOC Technology Award 2019 Mr. Larry Bodony, President of exocad America