Dental Asia Sep/Oct 2020

Dental Management DENTAL ASIA SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2020 16 N ature has designed viruses to spread efficiently. In Spain, 5,900 medical personnel died in the spring and summer 2020 despite their disinfections, masks, gown, face visors, and protective clothes. Multiple numbers turned ill as well. If the viruses are in the neighbourhood, we get exposed to them sooner or later. The good news is one can dramatically influence the strength of immune protection or immune defence with their daily actions and lifestyle choices. Here are the best lifestyle tips on how to improve the capability of one’s immune cells to identify and eliminate viruses and other pathogens: Sleep Immune defence empowers during good long sleep. Sleeplessness poses a big risk to collapse one’s immune defence. Physical activity Physical activity helps the flow of blood and immune liquids through 400,000km – 500,000km of macro and microvessels. There must be enough of it to generate efficient transportation of waste removal and feeding tissues with oxygen and nutrients. The immune defence cells also lurk in the 600 – 700 lymph nodes, where all lymph vessels end up. Walk a minimum of 10 minutes at least thrice a day amongst normal routines. Any specific sport exercise is a bonus. Sitting in a good “standing” posture Sit on a divided swing saddle chair to maintain good microcirculation. This is due to good posture, active muscles in the back and pelvic, active usage of the legs and feet, deeper breathing (more oxygen) where the abdomen “massages” the internal organs as well as the peristaltic movement of the cut which activates the food flow. The chest movements are larger and neck muscles are more relaxed, hence, allowing better liquid flow to the head. Wearing non-pressing clothes such as socks, shoes, belts and underwear is also beneficial. Sauna and short heat stress Heat shock is proven to strengthen immunity. It is recommended to repeat the sauna session or hot pool three times a week and cool down properly in between. Temperature over 60 o C kills viruses in the nose if inhaled that way. It is also beneficial to learn to tolerate higher temperatures, gradually. Cold dip Having a regular habit in taking a cold dip such as ice swimming, cold showers or cold wind baths helps to build up hormonal and immunity health. Helpful means in nutrition Fibre is the raw material needed to build the immune cells by the microbes. The amount of dietary fibre should be much more than what we normally eat. The best sources of fibre are seeds, berries, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, algae, nuts, legumes and 100% wholegrain cereals. Fibre speeds up the crucial flow in the intestine. Vitamin D is the strongest means to stay healthy. In most parts of the world, there is a big shortage of vitamin D. Even clothing prevents its synthesis in the skin. The best and necessary habit is to take at least 100mcg daily all year round and keep the level over 100nmol in the blood. Take tests to verify. There are over 8,000 vitamin D papers published. There is no doubt about this. Children 3 – 10 years of age can be managed with 50mcg. Other nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, vitamin K1 and K2 are helpful if taken in good amounts. Eating unprocessed fresh food with high uncooked plant-based proportion supports immunity a lot. Flavonoids and other antioxidants from unheated vegetables, fruits and berries are good for the immunity and put down dangerous quiet inflammation in the body. We should get about 20 nutrients to manufacture the necessary 3500 How to boost immune resistance with daily actions and lifestyle choices By Veli-Jussi Jalkanen Strong immune system is the best protection against falling ill in any virus.