AADOM Presents Seventh Annual Green Leader Award To All Kids Pediatric Dentistry's Ethan McConnell


Henry Schein, Inc. joined the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) to announce that Ethan McConnell, Vice President of Charlotte, North Carolina-based All Kids Pediatric Dentistry, has been selected as the recipient of AADOM’s seventh annual Green Leader Award. Mr. McConnell received the award at the recent 2019 AADOM Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Made possible by a grant from the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, AADOM created the award as part of its Green Leader Initiative, which aims to empower practice managers to reduce their practices’ environmental footprint and lead their teams in becoming part of dentistry’s green future.

“I am thankful to both AADOM and the Henry Schein Cares Foundation for this wonderful award that recognises the importance of sustainability within dental practices,” said Mr. McConnell. “Our main office has invested in solar panels, thereby reducing the practice’s carbon footprint and reducing costs for electricity, and it is so important for leaders to encourage these changes in order to continue to make a difference.”  

Mr. McConnell was selected for his initiative and commitment to adopting green practices in his dental office, specifically his implementation of digital charts, low-radiation digital X-rays, and latex-free products. All Kids Pediatric Dentistry also exceeds American Dental Association (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for a clean and safe dental practice by using non-toxic cleaning products to disinfect and sterilise its treatment rooms and dental equipment.

“We are so grateful for the Henry Schein Cares Foundation and its continued support of this initiative to recognize our members and their efforts to create more environmentally friendly practices,” said Ms. Heather Colicchio, Founder, and President, AADOM. “It is important to us at AADOM to highlight the members who exemplify eco-friendly practices in their dental office, and we are so happy to present Mr. McConnell with the Green Leader Award.”

AADOM’s mission is to provide its members with resources, education, and networking opportunities to help them achieve the highest level of professional development. It is the nation’s largest educational and networking association dedicated to serving dental practice management professionals, and AADOM fosters companionship and support for dental office managers.

“The Henry Schein Cares Foundation is pleased to join with AADOM to present Mr. McConnell with the seventh annual Green Leader Award,” said Ms. Jennifer Kim Field, Executive Director, Henry Schein Cares Foundation. “At Henry Schein, we too encourage sustainable practices, because a healthy environment means a healthier community. We hope this award inspires Mr. McConnell’s colleagues to follow his example.”