Akifumi Tachibana appointed as President of J Morita Manufacturing Corporation


Dental and medical device maker J Morita Manufacturing Corporation has appointed a new board of directors, with Haruo Morita as chairman, Akifumi Tachibana as president, Hiroshi Tanaka as senior managing director, and Yoshihiko Takashima as managing director. The five positions of director are held by Etsuo Sakano, Akio Iida, Tomio Imayoshi, Tomokazu Nishida and Shinichi Nakayama, with Kanji Morita as audit and supervising board member.

The outgoing President Koji Tsukamoto will take on the role of corporate counsellor.

President Akifumi Tachibana said, “We have several world-class products created based on knowledge and expertise of clinicians. Doctors have provided us with support and guidance during the development of each product. We are also encouraged by the positive comments from customers.

“It is not easy to predict world trends, nor to stay even half a step ahead, since changes are taking place so quickly and remarkably. We believe in investing in our employees, to remain the industry leader in dental devices, medical devices, software technology, production engineering and customer service.

“We strive to continually improve the production team by introducing high transparency and a culture of openness. By engaging with employees and providing a good environment, we believe each employee will be able to contribute to the company with pride and confidence.

“We will keep striving to provide the best products and services based on our motto ‘Untiring Ingenious’, building on the efforts of senior employees, and contribute to the human health and medical development.”