Amann Girrbach's Full Denture System extended by 3D printing


Since more than five years Amann Girrbach has successfully developed and marketed innovations for digital full dentures employing the Ceramill Full Denture System (FDS).

The latest 3.16 update of the Ceramill Mind software fully paves the way for working with 3D printing technology in the system with immediate effect. Aesthetic and individually printed denture bases are now possible in combination with prefabricated teeth from leading tooth manufacturers, which can be adapted 100% digitally to any situation, both basally as well as occlusally.

In order to ensure a perfect fit on the palate with 3D printed bases and to achieve a result that can compete with milled bases, the solution that is now available was developed over a long period of time. The materials guarantee best fit and high long-term stability due to low shrinkage rates as well as high hardness, flexural and breaking strength. The different shades available allow for individual adaptation to the patient.

The objective is to offer Ceramill users the widest range of possibilities in the industry for digital denture fabrication as well as different cost segments for the fabrication of removable dentures with the newly established Ceramill FDS process − always using the proven wizard-guided workflow. The users benefit from integrated, easy-to-implement workflows, validated materials and coordinated processing procedures.