AO's Global Focus Turns to Spain


As the 105th FDI World Dental Congress (WDC) takes place in Madrid, Spain later this month, the Academy of Osseointegration will be well positioned as part of the largest international dental congress of the year to share the latest evidence-based advances in the rapidly evolving domain of implant dentistry.

To be held on September 1, the subject of AO’s Symposium within the FDI WDC will be “Improving Clinical Outcomes in Implant Dentistry,” a very appropriate topic for that Congress, as implants are an integral element of the practice of dentistry. According to AO President-Elect Dr. James Taylor, the need to incorporate the most current evidence and technology must continue to be emphasized in order to continuously improve the quality and predictability of oral health care to patients in implant dentistry, which is why dental implants are now a regular item on the FDI congress agenda.

“In 2017, we have the knowledge, technology and instrumentation to further improve the predictability of patient outcomes in implant dentistry,” said Dr. Taylor. “Our AO speakers this year will explore some of the nuances of the more advanced concepts in the current practice of implant dentistry.”

AO’s FDI membership status was elevated from “Supporting” to “Affiliate” during the 2016 FDI World Dental Parliament in Poznan, Poland. This affords AO the opportunity to further support the FDI mission of promoting the ethics, art, science and practice of dentistry, and the delivery of the best possible oral health care to patients around the world.

“The Academy of Osseointegration is a valued affiliate member of FDI and I very much look forward to yet another successful AO Symposium during our 2017 World Dental Congress in Madrid,” said Patrick Hescot, president of the FDI World Dental Federation.

The day following the FDI symposium, AO’s Spain Charter Chapter will be holding its third meeting in Madrid, which will consist of AO Member Speakers, including Dr. Fernando Rojas Vizcaya, AO Ambassador to the Spain Charter Chapter.Speaker topics will include biologic vs. prosthetic approaches in papilla reconstruction, short implants as an alternative to bone grafts, and protocol for the treatment of the virtual patient.

“The Spain Charter Chapter meeting is an exclusive activity for AO members and their guests. We will have a day of conference with international speakers. We encourage all the members and their guests to attend this meeting of international proportion,” said Dr. Vizcaya, an oral surgeon and prosthodontist.

Joining Dr. Vizcaya on the program will also be Drs. Patrick Palacci, Joan Pi Urgell, Franck Renouard, Pablo Galindo and Rui Figueiredo.

“The Academy of Osseointegration’s Board of Directors welcomes all AO Spanish members and their guests to the third meeting of the Spain Charter Chapter, a unique and exciting meeting in Madrid. The Academy’s directors believe this new global initiative improves relationships between AO members around the world,” said Dr. Stephen Jacobs, chairman of AO’s Global Program Development Committee.

Please register for the AO Spain Charter Chapter meeting at, or telephone number: 617 256 774. Registration, coffee and lunch are included. The meeting will be held in the Rosales II Auditorium of the Courtyard Marriott Madrid Princesa Hotel, Calle Princesa, 40 28008, Madrid, Spain.