Axsys Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Online Sales Promotion


Axsys Incorporated is celebrating 25 years of manufacturing excellence with a special online sales promotion. Axsys specialises in digital manufacturing technology and offers a full-line of CAD/CAM software, scanners, milling machines, furnaces, hard and soft materials and FDA cleared implant components.

Until 31st May, new customers receive 25% off their first order of zirconia, glass ceramic blocks and ingots, as well as their class-leading PoliDent PMMA which was independently proven by Ohio State University as one of the highest-strength PMMAs available. Results were published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry It has also been shown to reduce tooling costs by 150%.

“For 25 years, Axsys has provided customers with digital manufacturing solutions from what are viewed as the leaders in CAD/CAM industry. We’ve helped thousands of customers, from two-man shops to Fortune 500 companies successfully implement sophisticated CAD/CAM and CNC systems, increase productivity and realise greater profits.” said Mr. Steve Braykovich, President of Axsys Incorporated.

Axsys customers often cite the company’s long history and extensive experience as a huge benefit to their business. "Axsys’ extensive global manufacturing and CAD/CAM experience is unlike any other supplier or distributor of this technology. No one else can do what they do or match their level of support.” Said Dr. Khaldoun Attar, DDS.